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I'm scheduled to graduate LPN school in late August. I'm starting to look at jobs. I'd like to work as a tech or an aide for a few weeks at a place that is willing to give me a position as a nurse... Read More

  1. by   PurpleLVN
    Quote from wifeandmomoftwo
    I'm willing to work LTC but REALLY want to be a tech/aide first so I will know the patients by name by the time I pass meds

    If I could pick anything I'd like to get either clinic or dialysis work (since it would be days) or three 12 hour LTC night shifts per week. I know I can't afford to be too picky though.
    Hi wifeandmotheroftwo-Congrats on completing LPN school!! My first job 2 days after graduating LPN school was as a nurse tech in LTC. Trust me, by the time you've worked a few shifts and take boards-I precerted on the floor that I'd eventually took over (3-11) I knew the pts. very well and they knew me!!! I did EVERYTHING except pass meds, but I'd go over the MAR and meet and greet the patients so they'd be familiar with me. I looked at the med cards so that I'd be familiar with the pill size, color, etc. I even pulled extra shifts as an aide to give me more confidence and experience. It was the best move I could have made. GO FOR IT!!
  2. by   StayAtHomeNurseMom
    In most LTC facilities you can work now as a SVN as a tech or aid to get to know your residents and then can promote up to GVN when you graduate and will have x amount of time to work as GVN while you wait for your license to come. Your pay scale will move up and will have time to learn before take over LVN responsibilities.

    There is nothing wrong with applying for any job. The worst that can happen is that they will tell you no. Even if they do tell you no, you have gained experience in filling out an application and interview experience both of which you will need.

    I promise they wont eat you for applying for a job.
  3. by   LMoonRN
    I would most definitely apply to any jobs that say experience preferred. As previously mentioned, my motto as a new grad is to apply to any jobs that say experience preferred but I don't apply to any that says experience necessary.