is a scam...beware!!

  1. 0 I just recently took BLS recertification on I did this simply by typing BLS recertification on google and this was the first sites to appear. I took the course knowing it was all online, but felt safe taking the course because the website states,"If your employer requires a skills test we can help you find a local instructor." So I paid $69.99 to take the course. So after I'm done I call the 1800 # to ask how I could schedule a skills tests. The guy on the phone tells me that they can only give me phone numbers of people I can contact to ask myself if they would let me take a skills test, but that it was up to the discretion of the instructor. He also asked me if my employer asked if I took the course online or not. I told him no and he stated that I shouldn't tell them that I took the whole course online and I wouldn't have to worry about the skills portion. I contacted the list and none of them would let me only take the skills portion. So dishonest. Do not use this site!! I wasted $69.99 for nothing.
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    What seems strange to me is that your employer doesn't offer recertification to their employees at no cost.
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    Mine diesnt

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    There are a few cheap employers who don't. Mine didn't until recently because enough of us were complaining and/or taking time off to renew. Now they will recert 5-6 a month.. so it'll take a full 2 years to get everyone recerted. What a joke.

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