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  1. Just thought I'd start a conversation to discuss our first ever clearance sale

    Enjoy the savings!

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    Are you thinking of buying anything? Did you buy anything? How about gifts for co-workers? Fellow Students? New Graduates?

    Note: the discount will show up at checkout:

    Free Shipping on orders over $25 (US Only)

    Amazon only ships to the US, sorry.
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  3. by   klone
    There's a store? Huh.
  4. by   Brian

    Yep, there is a store We've had it for quite some time, we've had links in the sidebar for a year. We mentioned it a few times. It was never intended to be a profitable venture, but many members asked to have allnurses.com t-shirts, pens etc... So we put a few items up there.

    However, we never really promoted it, because it's not really our thing, never was a main focus. Now, we are just going to liquidate it all and stick to what we do best, managing a wonderful nursing community