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While I should be studying for my upcoming CEN test date, with coffee in hand, I decide to wander the “science” headlines, as I am apt to do on a warm and sunny Sunday morning. I pay attention to these headlines, as being on the... Read More

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    Quote from brownbook
    While there are superbug viruses which I am glad scientist are investigating I feel like it is a little out of my control to do much about in my day to day living. Yet several times a year I hear co-workers, BSN nurses with many years of experience whose knowledge I admire, say "My cold won't go away I will ask Dr. so and so to write me a prescription for an antibiotic....he will write me one." Or my favorite...."I aspirated something when eating breakfast and was coughing a lot...I will ask Dr. so and so to write me a prescription for an antibiotic." Both times these nurses got what they asked for!

    Maybe if we didn't over use antibiotics (I know they wouldn't work for viruses but perhaps they could help in some way??? stop opportunistic infections??) Stopping the overuse of antibiotics is something real and concrete we can do today to control so many antibiotic resistant bacteria.
    I agree - after I took microbiology I was able to tell some of my relatives that using antibiotics indiscriminately is a large contributor to superbugs. Unfortunately, they continue to use them ("call so and so to ask them if they have any more x, this cough won't go away" type stuff). Ironically, these are the people who would complain in the event of a superbug or scare the living daylights out of you with the latest health scare they heard about on tv.
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    This is one that really scares me. More than any other one. Ok, well maybe Ebola.

    First Probable Person to Person Transmission of New Bird Flu Virus in China; But H7N9 Is Not Able to Spread Efficiently Between Humans"

    First probable person to person transmission of new bird flu virus in China; But H7N9 is not able to spread efficiently between humans
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    This website (below) has so much cool stuff, if you're into science news of a wide variety. Found more links to bird flu, as well as other stuff going on around the world with Avian Flu. Interesting. You have to dig to find information in the news, since it's not on the front page with "Kardashian's" and "twerking."

    Pandemic risk? Troubling traits of H7N9 avian flu virus
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    almost a year later and now we have the very real threat of Ebola. We are being fed information (more like propaganda) from the CDC regarding the relative "low risk" to the general public of transmission. They are more in fear of HIV, yet look how great that has turned out.

    Bringing two Americans back to the States, rather than bringing the treatment to Africa (where Ebola already is!) is insanity! We now have, for the first time, brought a disease that is nearly 90% fatal VOLUNTARILY into a country where it has not previously been (other than with monkeys in a lab).

    Does anyone else find this scary? Being health professionals, I laugh when I see the Director of Emory Hospital say "we're not worried" when bringing in the Ebola patients. The CDC says they are not worried, that it is not easily transmitted. Excuse me? Then how is it that it hasn't been stopped? Knowing that a disease is 90% fatal, how can anyone say "I'm not worried."

    Just trying to keep public pandemonium at bay, I'm sure.
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    I started to write a response, but there is such a great article on the Survival Doctor's site that I decided to just recommend that. Search "12 things you absolutely must know about Ebola." The doc is clearly no propagandist. He writes very straight forward stuff and he doesn't try to push any agenda. He also responds to questions and challenges humbly and without arguing or criticism of different ideas. I hope you will check him out and decide for yourself.
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