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I apologize in advance if this is long. There were a lot of details that played into the whole event. :bluecry1: Hi, I graduated from a LPN school in Dec 08. Took my boards, was all ready to get a job and get going with my... Read More

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    Hey ...i totaly feel your pain, the same thing happened to my i worked for a agency, to make more money and in my first shift i made an error with meds, i gave the wrong person the medicine "Macrophage" an hypoglycemic, i was so scared, the doctor said it was ok, not to worry, worst day ever in my life. this is my email i wanna know what else happened to you. miguelusa2002@yahoo.com

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    When I made my first error, still on orientation, and was standing there shaking (I'd hung Aldomet piggybacked with NS, instead of D5W, because I had seen 2 other nurses hang it with NS and had no idea it can cause precipitation if you do that), my preceptor said something I've always remembered: There are 2 kinds of nurses --- those who have (or will) commit a med error, and those who lie about it. You've learned from it. I've been a nurse on a busy tele/ICU stepdown floor, and the notion of having 22 patients would tax my resources right now, much less straight out of school while you're trying to get your feet under you.


    I strongly disagree with the doc telling you that there is no relationship between a MS and a codeine allergy. And I've had the ICU stay to prove it.

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