12 Lead EKG Project

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am new to the forums. I am working on a school project related to 12 lead EKGs and acute myocardial infarctions. I have run into a bit of a problem, with trying to find images of several types of different acute myocardial infarctions. I have rummaged around several of the online websites and cannot find the quality images that I need to complete this presentation which is due in December. If there are any clinical educators, ER or ICU nurses that could help me gather some good quality scanned images of different types of 12 lead EKGs, it would be a life saver!

    For the record: Nothing with patient information on it period! No case history, age gender ect.....

    Please email me if you can lend a hand. Examples of what I need, are : Inferior MI, A fib or Flutter. Torsade. SVT (anything with adenosine conversion would be great also!).
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  3. by   BBFRN

    You can go to the link above, click on the thumnails, and print out the images. They have a STEMI, non-STEMI, etc. And they are actual EKGs.
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    Also, you might find this sticky thread helpful:

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