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How closely are your 12 hour shifts usually? Do people usually do 3 straight 12s and call it a week? I'm planning to be a new RN in the future and trying to figure out how my life working nights may be, as far as sleep, family,... Read More

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    When I did 12s it was all over the place. But as dayshift it was a punishment to do all 3 in a row!

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    I work my three night shifts together in a row and then I have my four days off. Some people can't hack it, though. I have many nurses tell me that three in a row is too exhausting for them.
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    where I am we don't get a choice as to group our shifts together( although it didnt used to be that way). So the shifts are interspersed randomly, which stinks. Home,life??? what's that . Married to the job.
    I will say that being that I was grandfathered in to a 36 hr workweek, I am allowed to work 3 8's and a 12.
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    At my hospital, I do three 12s in a row on night shift. It's not a big deal in my opinion. Yes, by the 3rd night you're a little tired but at least we can keep the same group of patients all three nights and the learning curve of your patients by the 3rd night is minimal.
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    I'm in a float pool so I rarely have the same patients two nights, much less three, but I still like my shifts together. Also, we make our own schedules, which is a big bonus, especially when I hear other people's schedules!
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    I work 12 hour shifts, 3 days in a row, it is awful sometimes, but having 4 days off every week USUALLY makes up for it.

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