*Some Advice* What do you tell yourself when you didn't get the job? - page 2

I've been applying/stressing for about 4+ (going on 5) months now. On September 7th I went for my first nursing interview... and I was overjoyed that I was finally called. I prepared for the... Read More

  1. by   lil mac
    iVe only been ot of work for 3 weeks. I thought i was doing something wrong! Ive work in Managment postions for the last 6 years. So now I dont have recent clinical experience!!!!! I've been a ADN for 16 years! so I decided to go back and get my BSN... after reading all this... Maybe I should learn to be a plumer!!!
  2. by   Biffbradford
    Sorry to say, but I'm thinking of getting a commercial driver's license. I still expect to get a nursing job (I'm stubborn), but then I'll have that to fall back on if need be. Nurse by day ... trucker by night. God Bless America!