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Yup. Unfortunately, sometimes in the facility we have need of nurses on other floors and hey, did you really want to be called off and lose more time? Trust me, the supervisor and I put thought into... Read More

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    Quote from NicuGal
    Believe me monkeybug, you wouldn't want to be at our desk as a secretary! Sorry you had such a miserable time in NICU. We try to be extra nice to our floats, but there are times we have to give them the feeders from hell because they can't take vents, admits or comp care kid, or kids with umbilical lines . And our L/D will have 3 secretaries and never offer to float one Tony's when we don't have a secretary. Sucks.

    I got sent to CCU once and they plopped me in front of the monitor and told me if it
    Beeped, call the nurse that had the patient. I almost flipped when one guy had a HR of 40....that means CPR where I work lol
    I worked in this NICU for a while, so I actually can take CPAPs, Vents, and lines. We try to be extra nice in the rare event we get someone floated to L&D, too. That NICU was like a shark tank, though, and the new girl was always the bloody piece of meat. I have never worked with a group of women that angry, bitter, and malicious. But yet no one could understand why I didn't jump for joy every time I was asked to go there.

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    I'd kill for a float that could take all that!!! I just don't get why people have to be miserable to the people floating....be thankful for someone to help!
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    Quote from Mulan
    Some floors were so horrible to work on at one hospital, that they were staffed mainly by floating staff from a "good" floor
    that was deliberately overstaffed for that reason.

    Maybe improving conditions and staffing would be in order.

    The kicker is when you agree to come in extra thinking you will be working on your own floor and then get floated.

    Yes, the floater always gets dumped on.

    I don't blame people for not wanting to float.

    I guess if they wanted to float, they would have joined the float pool.
    I agree. I don't mind to do my fair share of floating but lately it has been happening to me once or twice a week. I am NOT in the float pool. I have a home unit. My hospital makes us do it all the time and we get NO extra pay for it. We never get any warning. We come in expecting to be on our home unit and never know we are pulled until we get there. We are told that we are not to complain about it either. We can get pulled two or three days in a row to different units and they never rotate who is pulled. I think they just pick a name out of a hat or something. It is completely unfair. No wonder everybody is quitting and they have to pull nurses all the time.

    My hospital is also the kind that dumps the worst and hardest patient on the nurse that is pulled (because the nurses on that unit don't want to deal with them and know that the float person will be none the wiser). I was pulled tonight and they dumped the hardest patient on me. And this is a specialized unit. These nurses should have taken care of that patient. The other nurses even skipped rooms around all over the place to avoid that patient. Plus they left all the wound care for me to do, wound care that we rarely ever do on my unit and that I'm certainly no expert at. Then they will complain that you don't do it right. Gee thanks. This is why I hate floating. If I wanted to float every week, I would have signed on to the float pool. It's ridiculous.
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