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upper endoscopy

  1. 0 In 2 weeks I am having an upper endoscopy. I am a bit nervous, what should I expect to happen?
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    if you have lots of questions and concerns, talk to your PCP or gastro. i will tell you how the process of having an EGD in the unit i work in goes, keep in mind everywhere does things a little different, especially hospital vs. outpt setting.

    -pt is instructed not to take NSAIDS, ASA, anticoagulants, fish oil or PPI for 3-5 days and is NPO post midnight
    -pt gives informed consent
    -pt changes into hospital gown and baseline vitals taken
    -IV saline lock started with 1000cc LR KVO
    -pt speaks with MD and addresses any concerns, MD orders appropriate dose of sedation
    -pt is assisted onto left side and bite block is inserted in mouth to rest teeth on
    -local anesthetic (cetacaine) is sprayed on the back of the throat
    -pt is given cocktail of demerol and versed per MD order via IV push
    -once pt is relaxed, MD will advance scope into pts mouth and visualize trachea and esophagus, pt will be instructed to swallow once and scope is passed into the esophagus
    -exam of esophagus, stomach and duodenum are done, photos taken and biopsies taken per MD. test from start to finish takens only about 15 minutes.
    -vital signs are monitored throughout procedure
    -scope and bite block removed after the exam
    -pt remains on left side and rests in recovery for up to 2 hrs
    -once pt is alert, gag reflex is tested
    -if gag reflex has returned, PO fluids are given
    -if PO fluids tolerated well, IV is d/c'd
    -pt and family member speak with MD about results
    -pt is assisted to get dressed, given discharge instructions (no driving all day that day), and taken via W/C to car
    -pt to hear from MD regarding any biopsies within a week

    hope that helps make it a lil more clear. keep me posted on how things went. good luck
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    duplicate, sorry
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    Thanks. I have done LOTS of research online. I always do before a surgery, procedure, or starting a new med (even a temporary one).

    Usually I am fine. For some reason I am nervous about this. I have had 12 surgeries on my orbital area, many teeth pulled, getting my wisdom teeth out (the day after my upper endoscopy no less) and am not worried about that at all.

    For some reason though this makes me nervous. it makes no sense I know.
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    Endoscopy went well. I was sedated, remember waking for like a minute if that. It was weird to wake up with something down my throat. I THINK I started to reach for the scope. Then I was out again. I know they said something to me at that point but I do not remember what it was.

    I was wondering how many nurses are there usually in the room for an upper endoscopy. I had 3 which seemed like a lot. It was nice, especially because the IV I had in had taken a long time to get and it was a baby needle and if they lost it they were going to have to go to my foot. So the nurses were able to keep an eye that it was being taken care of.

    I got the results, as I said in another thread on here in the break room, it turns out I have a hiatal hernia, which I need to talk to my doctor on Friday to figure out what we are doing about it. I have done my reading however, and the surgery doesn't look all that bad.
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    We have two nurses in the room for scopes -- one scrub, one circulator/med pusher.
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    I grabbed for the scope once during an EGD. I had been under, then totally woke up and was disoriented. GI chewed me up one side and down the other for not being in total control while on Versed and Fentanyl.
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    Quote from careerchoices
    I grabbed for the scope once during an EGD. I had been under, then totally woke up and was disoriented. GI chewed me up one side and down the other for not being in total control while on Versed and Fentanyl.

    For me, I am not even TOTALLY sure if it happened. I think it did, and if it did nothing was said to me about it after, though the doc who did it never spoke with me at all after.

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