tips for working as an endoscopy nurse,,,

  1. hi there,, i just started training as an endoscopy nurse,, i was assigned on the procedure where i take the patient,, do initial interview,, start ivf and assisting the doctor during endoscopy and providing post endoscopy care to the patient until i bring them to the recovery room,,, anyone here who works in the endoscopy area who can give me tips? ive been training for three days now and tomorrow i want to be more independent and have a structured working plan,, im still getting confused which one to do first especially after the procedure,, sometimes im still wearing dirty gloves and i forget which stuff to prioritize,, patient/paperwork/endoscopes,, thanks for all your help
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    1) ALWAYS ALWAYS change your gloves between patients. Besides the obvious cross contamination issue, the last thing you want is a patient that noticed you did not change your gloves and complains. It can be difficult to do especially if you're juggling three patients at a time..but it has to be done.
    2) After the procedure the first things you should do is a obtain a set of vitals/make sure the patient is stable/patient assessment.
    3) Try your best NOT to leave your patient unintended in the recovery area until they are awake and at least relatively alert. Again, it can prove to difficult when you're juggling multiple patients.
    4) If you need help from a co worker, ASK!
    5) I wouldn't take the IV out until the patient is almost ready to go. There have been times when the patient, upon awakening, feels fine then a little later they start feeling abd pain, nausea, etc.