Short Bowel Syndrome

  1. We have a young patient who has infarcted most of his bowel - there is about 3 ft left. I work in ICU and so have no idea how patients with this sort of disability manage at home. I know he will be on TPN for the rest of his life but what sort of quality of life do patients with short bowel syndrome have???
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  3. by   memphispanda
    My dad has short bowel syndrome, but has not required TPN to this point (it's been about a year since his last surgery that left him with about 3 feet of bowel). He is 60, and aside from having a heck of a time figuring out what he can eat (he also has Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol) he is doing fine. He gets tired more often than he once did, but that could be age related. He is still able to work as a self-employed attorney. He hasn't had a massive weight loss or anything.
  4. by   EricTAMUCC-BSN
    This is interesting, I just read an article on emedicine about small bowel transplantation, has anyone ever seen patients with transplanted bowels? Did they live very long?
  5. by   CC NRSE
    there is a lady from pensacola, fl who had one a couple of years ago (2001). she did have some difficulty along the way, but made it through. i saw her in the hospital one day when i was working (she was visiting someone) and she looked great!! she was at university of pittsburgh medical center in pittsburgh for her surgery.

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