Laundered vs Disposable Gowns

  1. Hello there,
    ADON from Florida Gastro ASC writing in with a question....

    JCAHO, CDC, AHCA, AORN, etc in mind....

    Can laundered gowns be worn from endo room to endo room without removal?
    We are set up where the physician and staff go from room #1 to room #2 without exiting
    the back area. We currently use disposable gowns and the price difference is negligible. The disposable gowns however are very hot. The price difference being negligible unless the gowns can be worn from patient to patient throughout the day. Any firsthand experience with the regs on this? I have searched and searched for hours for a clear and concise reg but as with most of these they are vary vague to allow the surveyor free reign it seems.

    Thank you and have a good day!
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  4. by   RNsRWe
    How on earth can you figure being allowed to wear ANY gown "from room to room" and "from patient to patient" without an infection control nightmare on your hands?

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but it's irrelevant what KIND of gown you're using, it must be removed after each and every patient. The procedure room staff keep their gowns on until the patient is removed to recovery, at which time they remove their gowns, drop them in the laundry bin, and then wash. When the next patient is wheeled in and ready to go, they then don a fresh gown....rinse/repeat.

    We don't use gowns in the recovery areas, as there is no expectation of soiling/splatter. Gloves, yes, and good precautions.

    I don't know that surveyors care what kind of gown, as long as it's properly used and laundered/disposed of. HOW you're changing them is much more important than the material.

    On a side note....I thought you were running a poll about gowns, but....?