Colorectal nursing

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    Hello all

    I am currently a ortho neuro trauma RN looking
    To make a switch - one possible opportunity that
    Has come up is in outpatient colorectal . For those of
    You in the field - how do you like it?
    I appreciate any input!!!

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    Do you mean Endoscopy?
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    No, this is the other end literally - a colorectal
    Surgeons ( actually a group of 4 ) office -the handle
    Colon/anal cancers, diverticulitis , resections,
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    Ah, then sorry, nothing to offer. But good luck in your decision!
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    So you mean working in a doctor's office as opposed to a colo-rectal unit?

    Ostomies of all sorts.
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    So I did it & made the jump !!! The office is
    6 providers - big change from ortho trauma!
    I thought I'd be much more "grossed" out
    But it's not bad & the docs are awesome!
    I'd be interested to hear other perspectives on
    The field ....
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    I'd suggest you read through a bunch of threads here to learn others' perspectives on a variety of topics.
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    Quote from birdie007
    I thought I'd be much more "grossed" out
    But it's not bad & the docs are awesome!
    Y'know, I've never once been "grossed out" in GI, but most certainly HAVE been by a huge variety of things while working a medical floor (such as ortho, lol). Diabetic ulcer issues? ICK! Rectal masses? COOL!

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