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Had colonoscopy 3 days ago..My scope was performed because of a family hx of colon ca and a positive hemoccult card - just one. In retrospect I should've requested to repeat the cards x 3 first. My... Read More

  1. by   Horseshoe
    Quote from MaudKennedy
    I understand how important a colonoscopy is but Ive read some horror stories on the internet about it,even on here where patients got just versed and were in pain for the whole procedure that scare me.
    There are horror stories on the internet about every procedure known to man. You choose your physician carefully, ask plenty of questions beforehand, request propofol instead of conscious sedation, etc. Adverse events are really rare.
  2. by   Horseshoe
    As far as being "exposed" goes. At our facility, the patient is on their left side. A blanket covers them COMPLETELY. The only one who sees anything is the physician when he inserts the scope. After that, all eyes are on the screen or attention is on getting specimens labeled and into the specimen containers. There is zero reason for the patient's behind to be left exposed, and where I work, it never is.

    Proper administration of propofol results in no waking and no nausea.

    Using CO2 instead of air practically eliminates post procedure bloating, discomfort, and embarrassing flatulence.

    I've had MANY patients tell me the procedure was so much easier than they had anticipated. Done correctly and with appropriate medications and attention to patient comfort and dignity, it really is an easy procedure.