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Had colonoscopy 3 days ago..My scope was performed because of a family hx of colon ca and a positive hemoccult card - just one. In retrospect I should've requested to repeat the cards x 3 first. My scope was normal - nothing... Read More

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    I totally agree about the VC's! I would rather do a prep and if there's a polyp, have it removed during the procedure, not at my next colonoscopy appt with a repeat of a la PREP! We have several docs, most love MoviPrep, one prefers SuPrep and another uses Miralax (which the patients love!). Some patients just feel more of the medication effects than others (we use fent/versed for most patients). I had an EGD the same day as my husband, same amount of meds and he had nausea, I didn't. I felt fine (sleepy, but not nauseous) and my hubby felt sick all day!

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    I am so sorry you had a tough time with your procedure, but I am truly glad you went. You never know what the next polyp could become, especially after 10 years! I can assure you the nurses don't focus on that end of your body! While you are having your procedure performed, the RN is focusing on your vital signs, charting, and making sure you are comfortable. In pre/post op, again, the RN wants to make sure your are passing air, vitals remain stable, and you are discharged in good shape, no nausea, and well educated about your procedure/discharge instructions/findings, etc. Please follow up with your GI doc when they contact you again! Preventative care is cheaper and more comfortable than chemo!
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    Just out if curiosity how much versed and fentanyl can b given by an RN during conscious sedation before anesthesia is asked to step in with propofol? And what would you say the average time is for colonoscopy procedures?
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    There is no magic number for moderate sedation drugs by an RN. Commonly 2 to 5 mg. versed, 100 mcg. Fentanyl, but there are many variables.

    The best and fastest GI Dr. in the world can take 10 minutes on one pt., and 40 on the next. Bowels can be redundant, have large divierticuli, have adhesions, just be plain old "weird," and the scope won't pass easily. If there are many or large polyps that takes time.
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    If a nurse is embarassed about being scoped, just imagine how patients feel being probed and prodded all day- might get more people thinking about privacy issues. I had one, and there was a polyp that was removed, and there's an extensive family history of all kinds of cancers. I can say for sure I'd rather have a colonscopy, than a root canal, or a urinary catheter inserted, hands down. Plus, a thorough bowel cleanse never hurt anybody. My worst part was not being able to eat until late afternoon after the test.
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