colon prep and gatorade

  1. Hi, I'm new to this site. I was wondering whether anyone has any experience mixing GoLytely or NuLytely with water and gatorade to tolerate the prep and reduce dehydration, and post procedure headaches? I heard about it at the last SGNA conference, but I can't find any written directions. Thanks
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  3. by   suebird3
    welcome to! i moved your post to the gi forum for more responses.

  4. by   caroladybelle
    Golytely theoretically contains the appropriate amounts of electrolytes and minerals, in and of itself, to prevent dehydration and keep everything "balanced". That is why it is used, instead of the old Citrate Mag/Biscodyl/8oz of H20 every 15 minutes for "X" hours that used to be used and caused problems.

    I also do not see where gatorade would help the taste that much.

    I would think that adding gatorade instead of water would throw things waaayy out of balance, the other direction and result in serious excessive electrolyte levels. Most MDs will not even permit koolaid w/sugar added as the sweetner will alter it and cause problems. That is why the company itself has several specifically prepared flavorings.

    I have to have prep every two years (UC patient) and this the information that I have been given.
  5. by   EndoRN
    Our docs use the Miralax prep.
    You mix it w/32 oz gatorade and 32 oz H20.
    Speaking w/pts that have done different preps in the past (Fleets, Go-Lytely) they say this one is much more tolerable.
  6. by   TeleRN44
    Many of our patients don't care for the taste of the Colyte and we itell them that they can mix in Crystal Light, in a flavor that doesn't result in turning the prep red. Also, Crystal Light is sugar free so won't affect the action of the prep.

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