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What does forensic nursing entail?

  1. 1 I'm really interested in learning what I can about different areas of nursing. Can anyone explain to me your job description as a forensic nurse?
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    My job includes sexual assault examinations of individuals 14 and older. Child abuse, elder abuse, and domestic violence examinations. We also do "in-house" forensic consults (when a patient in any unit states she has been raped or assaulted). If we are in the ER, we go to the trauma room with victims of stabbings and shootings. We try to collect DNA/bullets/blades. If the patient dies during evidence collection, you must stop, because it is now the coroner's case. Please feel free to ask more questions
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    This area of nursing sounds fascinating. Tell me (please) how you find this field rewarding. It seems like it would be a very sad/depressing/scary choice. You clearly find some reward in the job (or you wouldn't do it). Please enlighten me on this.

    I think it sounds like something I would actually be interested in doing. I can see where I personally would find the reward. But I am curious to see if my idealized version of the career, matches with reality.

    I am a nursing student (last semester WHOOP!), but have a focus in psychology, and this seems like it would incorporate both areas of interest well.
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    How does one go about getting into this field? Like where do you search for it. Is it government?
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    A lot of forensic programs are co-located with ERs/trauma centers because patients tend to present to the ER first. You could check with your local ER/trauma center.
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