Wanting to organize a sexual assault response team in a rural area.

  1. I am a nursing student planning on completing my ADN-RN program this December. This past week I was precepting at our local rural hospital and was able to stand in on a sexual assault exam and try to provide support to the victim. I am dissappointed in the lack of specific training of the staff and lack of support for the victim. Our hospital does between 8-12 sexual assault exams per year. Any suggestions on starting a multi-disciplinary sexual assault response team in a rural area?
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  3. by   sirI
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    I would check with your hospital and see if they could assist you in this rural area. See if there is interest in hiring SANE-educated/certified nurses. Also, check with your local law enforcement and see if they could give you any ideas.

    Good luck. An admirable desire to serve your rural area.

    We hope you enjoy allnurses.com.
  4. by   applelady
    I spoke briefly to the officers who brought the victim to the hospital about this issue. They said they would be happy to help connect me with our state forensics lab for training. Before today, I wasn't even aware of SANE certification. I'll be exploring that option in depth. Any suggestions on getting our physicians/P.A.s and nurses on board? Is there grant money available to fund a project such as this?
  5. by   sirI
    Could be monies available. You need to research that for your state.

    As for education as SANE, you will need at least 2 years RN experience before you can sit for that certification. So, once you are finished with your RN program, start trying to work at least in the ED to gather experience.


    Like I said, you can always contact your hospital and see if hiring a SANE-educated nurse is an option. If not now, maybe you will be able to create and fulfill that position later on??
  6. by   justme1972
    I agree that it's something that is important to women...and men (yes, I know of one)...that are victims of sexual assault.

    I cannot imagine what goes through a victim's mind during an ordeal like that...especially those that are very young.

    On the flip side (and I don't want anyone to think I support the criminal...b/c I don't), I really wished psychiatry would continue to do research on what makes some men "lose it" and resort to such a thing.

    I remember a few years ago where a man who had a long history of sex crimes ASKED THE STATE to castrate him b/c they were getting ready to release him again and he flat out told the court that he didn't want to go back to prison, but felt powerless to stop the cycle...he said he didn't feel like he could control it.

    I can't remember which state it was (Georgia? Alabama?), but the courts were powerless, but I did hear they were thinking of commiting him involuntarily, but to me, that still doesn't solve the problem.

    It makes you wonder how many there are like him.

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