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  1. I am a pre-nursing student, about to finish my pre-reqs, and I should begin my clinical coursework for an ADN program next spring. I am very, very interested in forensics, law, etc. (the other careers I've considered involve forensic science, forensic psych, even computer forensics) and hope to pursue whatever certification/advanced degree I need.

    I know there will be a period of time where I just need to work before I can do that, especially because I'll need to get my BSN first for the forensic nursing programs near me. To that end, I have a couple questions:

    -What sort of nursing jobs are good experience for getting into forensic nursing? Emergency, women's health, etc.? What others should I be aiming for?
    -What are some "days in the life" of forensic nurses? I know there are probably different job titles and duties depending on the employer, the day, and so on. I think death investigation and corrections would probably be the most interesting to me, but I want to hear whatever anyone can tell me about their jobs.

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  3. by   nurse2033
    Forensic nursing is the wild west right now. The field is not well known or utilized. By far the most jobs are as SANEs. There are other jobs but seem to be carved out by the individual who fit into a unique slot. ER is where the vast majority of forensic work will be done. I think corrections has potential but unrealized (correct me if I'm wrong). As a SANE you can add women's health to that. There are medicolegal death investigators who are nurses, but it is not considered a nursing job since living patients aren't involved and you don't have to be a nurse. Get as much forensic training as you can, and be willing to locate to where those jobs exist.
  4. by   NightNerd
    Yeah, it seems like uncharted territory for the most part. Thanks for the post, nurse2033!