sexual assault nursing

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    Sexual assualt nursing is what I want to do. Has anyone ever done this type of nursing? I realize it will be a difficult job. It is an on-call position and unfortunately there must be a victim before you are called in. A difficult job for many reasons. Does anyone know if one must be a BSN or will ADN suffice? What is the pay? I would do it for free but am interested in hearing from nurses doing this type of work.
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    Do a search for Forensic Nursing and many of your questions will be answered. We don't have many Forensic RN's in the area where I live, but I've been interested in forensic nursing since I had school clinicals where I was able to work next to one. I gathered a lot of information from this board and from questioning the one I had clinicals with. Good luck!

    Melanie = )
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    I believe you will find some answers to your questions, as well as people will be best be able to answer your questions, in the Forencic Nursing Forum. I hope you find this information helpful.
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    This is funny. I just received a flyer in the mail on Saturday from our state's attorney's office. In IL they are the ones that sponsor SANE training - a 40 hour class plus internship. I used to work in a level one ER and did forensic exams (before SANE training was available). Good luck. If you live in IL, PM me and I'll give you the details.
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    thank you for the redirect folks.

    1st edition, i moved your thread to the forensic nursiing forum. check out these threads:

    how do i become a forensic nurse/role of the forensic nurse

    forensic nursing - is it for you?

    the sexual assault nurse examiner - sane

    glad to read of your interest in forensic nursing. if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post here in this forum. good luck.