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Has anyone ever heard of or attended Kaplan college for forensic nursing? It is a 12 month forensic nursing program and I had undergone a telephone interview.... Read More

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    Just starting this. I'll let you know how it goes.

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    Hi cna

    I just enrolled in that program -haven't started yet and have never done an online course,but after 15 years of every kind of nursing possible,i thought it would be good to try something completely different and get out of the hospital settings! Let me know if you decide to move ahead on it! good luck

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    Quote from BarbPick
    Jesus, my entire course, the initial one which designated me a Forensic Nurse Specialist was 500 dollars, are they insane? More than 3 Grand and nothing in person?

    Contact your medical examiner's office. Miami Dade medical examiner's gives it once a year.

    How long ago did you complete your program? I am very interested. Do you have more info you'd like to share?
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    Quote from siby
    where are some forensic nursing schools?

    Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee is one.
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    For those wanting information on forensic nursing and education, go to:

    That's where you'll find what you need.
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    I had taken the SANE course at Monmouth University in Long Branch NJ, and they have two programs, a masters prgram in forensic nursing and a certificate program, the courses include histology and pathophysiology, advanced physical assessment, domestic violence, forensic pathology, psychopathology, interpersonal violence and a forensic practicum and if taking the masters program, a research project... I enjoyed the SANE course so far, trying to decide wether or not to take the cert course or masters, but I already have a masters in psych. (perpetual student)

    There are a couple of out of state students in the program, usually Pa. but we do have someone up from San Antonio.

    I'm hooked on CSI, NCIS, Cold Case, Profiler etc... I've been this way since Quincy.

    I had checked out Kaplan because I prefer to study online, the only concern for me is the accredation... I haven't been able to find out about the credentialing... I know for sure Monmouth is accredeted by the ANA.
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    Quote from amycar11
    i got interested with forensic when i first saw csi and csi miami... i know that what they portray in the series is not the complete actual procedure of investigation... but it still is amazing!! totally cool!!
    that's funny! i had done the same thing! i love csi miami and it really got me interested. in speech class i did a paper on forensics and finger printing. it seems to be a fscinating feild. i have 2 yrs left before i finish my nursing program for adn so i have to wait before going into the forensics nursing program. my question is can you have an adn to do this program or do you have to have an msn or bsn?
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    Quote from BarbPick
    Good luck. You need to attend class. View crime scenes. My certificate is approved by the Florida Bar, the Florida BON and a slew of different agencies, Buyer Beware.
    What do you mean, "buyer beware" ?

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