Nursing job with the criminally/violent psychitric patients

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    How do I get a job working with the "criminally insane/sociopath/violent criminals"?

    I live south side of Chicago

    Should I get a job at the county prison?

    Where else do we lock up the violent offenders?

    the real bad ones?

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    How do I get a job working with the "criminally insane/sociopath/violent criminals"?

    I suppose you need to check out the Psychiatric/Mental Institutions for that is normally where those who have dx of "criminally insane" are treated.

    Should I get a job at the county prison?

    Not if you your target population are the criminally insane.

    Where else do we lock up the violent offenders?

    the real bad ones?

    Violent offenders are normally in state/federal prisons.
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    Hi the criminally insane are normally in either low, medium or high psychiatric forensic wards depending on the crimes commited. If you are at university you can request a placement at a forensic unit, or a registered nurse transfer. I know here in scotland we also have nursing assistants who work in the wards. Prisons are not for the deemed criminally insane.
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    Maryland has a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. You may want to check your state to see if you have one also.
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    Just curious....why are you wanting to work in this area? Isn't this a morbid , depressing place to work knowing the place is charge w/ all these yucky energy? I know it is maximum security....but still why do you want to work in a place like this? What is your motivations?
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    Or you could just work in any ED on a Saturday night.
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    I commend you for wanting to work in what has got to be a fascinating place. I think the suggestions for where to look are great. Also, forensic nursing in the UK is different than in the US, at least for the mentally ill and criminally insane. I would encourage you to take a loo at the International Association of Forensic Nurses web site ( and to search for this topic. That's how I got started in pursuing a career in forensic nursing.
    I would like to read more about your motivation for such a challenging undertaking and to know where you are in your nursing career.
    When I tell someone I am a forensic nurse, first they think I just work with dead people. Then when I tell them about Living Forensics, they say how can you do that? I am very passionate about my work and career. And I think it shows when I speak about it. I'm lucky enough and so honored to be asked to speak at nursing conferences.
    Good Luck! We all must be agents for change.
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    Yes I do bow to you, for being in this type of nursing, and thank God for our differences in our specialties. Forensic nursing is so this point it is only associated as a rape victim examiner for the purpose of evidence of the crime........I know little of this... thank you all for sharing.
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    Try your State Hospital. See what they have available.

    Any particular reason you like that population?

    I work in criminal psych and really enjoy it. Maybe you will too!
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    Hi, I work at a state mental hospital. The patients are fascinating! When I talk to my friends about work, they are so sick of their jobs, hate their jobs, etc. I LOVE my job. I spend holidays, nights, and weekends with some patients that have done incrediby horrible things - - mostly murder, aggravated rapes; lots of crimes were done while on drugs or while off medications. We work to rehabilitate these patients so they can go back into the community. Alas, it is a very small population that reaches that goal. The community would really thank us if they knew what we were keeping off the street and out of their community by having this facility here. If you have a desire to work with this population, I say "go for it!". There is a shortage of Forensic Psychiatric Nurses and we need all the nurses we can get.
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