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Guys, How do I get a job working with the "criminally insane/sociopath/violent criminals"? I live south side of Chicago Should I get a job at the county prison? Where else do we lock up the violent offenders?... Read More

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    Quote from cgarriga5
    Hi, I work at a state mental hospital. The patients are fascinating! When I talk to my friends about work, they are so sick of their jobs, hate their jobs, etc. I LOVE my job. I spend holidays, nights, and weekends with some patients that have done incrediby horrible things - - mostly murder, aggravated rapes; lots of crimes were done while on drugs or while off medications. We work to rehabilitate these patients so they can go back into the community. Alas, it is a very small population that reaches that goal. The community would really thank us if they knew what we were keeping off the street and out of their community by having this facility here. If you have a desire to work with this population, I say "go for it!". There is a shortage of Forensic Psychiatric Nurses and we need all the nurses we can get.

    wow...i love your optimism....its quite a change from the other posts i have read stating on how bruttally beaten forensic nurses can get at work...its a welcome releif considering I have an interview coming up next week and all these reading about beatings and lack of security frazzled me a little bit.
    If you have ne interview tips and possible questions...Id appreciate it

    thank you

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    All I can say, where there is a need, there is a nurse. Go for what interest you! I hope you find it as interesting as the other experienced post have demonstrated.

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