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    Hello all! I have been readng in this forum for hours! Its is so interesting and informative. I am graduating in May 2011 (wow how time is flying) and I have a STRONG interest in Forensic Nursing. Thanks to a WONDERFUL instructor's concern for her students, I have an opportunity to shadow my county's coroner, who in turn is arranging a time with a nearby forensics lab that is allowing me to observe an autopsy!! I am extremely excited to say the least.....and thanks to all of you and your information, I feel more prepared to meet with these professionals. I am well-equiped with so many questions now. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE USEFUL INFORMATION!
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    That is wonderful that you will be able to do this.

    Good luck in all you do and hope to see you again here at allnurses.
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    Absolutely sirI! allnurses is a great help with everything from careers to my school work right now And your post are extremely helpful!
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    Well, thank you. I'm glad I can help.

    You are very lucky to get this shadowing position. A lot of this goes to med-students first. I'm happy for you!!
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    I just registered with this site yesterday and can't seem to keep off of it! There is SO much useful and interesting nformation. I feel so fortunate to have found this site to use as a guide and resource while choosing my niche in nursing. You gals and guys are awesome!
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    Hello, Sayra! Glad you found us. Hope you enjoy the site!! Look forward seeing more of your posts.
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    Hello sirI...
    Just wanted to let you know that my trip to the lab was INCREDIBLE! Not only did it confirm which path in nursing that I am going to take, but it was an A&P lesson that I will never forget!
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    *nodding my head*

    I do remember my first autopsy. It is very very interesting. I am so glad you got to do this. You'll never forget this experience.