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Forensic Pathologist Assistant

  1. 0 Can an RN become a Forensic Pathologist Assistant? Assuming this RN already finished BSN?
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    In most places the position you're talking about could probably be filled by a random person off the streets. There usually isn't a lot of funding for government positions of this sorts. But sure you could apply as a RN.
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    Just as an FYI--there's a lot more training required than one might think. Here is a link to a job description for a pathologist's assistant in NY.

    Pathologist Assistant Jobs in Oceanside, New York - South Nassau Communities Hospital

    Job Details: - Bachelor's Degree Position Requirements: Bachelor's Degree from a Pathologist Assistant Program or related field required. Pathologist Assistant Certification through the ASCP preferred. Minimum of two years experience in Anatomic Pathology including surgical pathology, autopsy dissection, histology procedures/techniques, gross dissection of surgical specimens, frozen sections and post-mortem examinations, required.Position responsibilities: Under the direction of the Clinical Director, a Pathologist Assistant will assist the Pathologist in the preparation and performance of all gross surgical examinations
    • [FONT=arial !important]Demonstrates the ability to prepare and perform all gross surgical examinations
    • [FONT=arial !important]Demonstrates competency to appropriately accession all surgical specimens
    • [FONT=arial !important]Demonstrates competency to describe gross anatomic features and take samples for microscopic examination.
    • [FONT=arial !important]Provides guidance and assistance to Pathology Residents and Forensic Pathology Assistant in carrying out their function in the Gross Pathology Area and the Morgue.
    • [FONT=arial !important]Assists in the training of Pathology Residents by providing guidance in the preparation of Gross surgical specimens for dissection, selection and preparation of autopsied material, general maintenance of equip-ment in Histology and the Morgue

    Hopefully this is helpful