forensic nursing

  1. Hello,

    I would like to ask you about forensic nursing role.

    Forensic nurse work also with criminal patient,who where released from jail and sent to psychiatric hospital and also with very difficult mental ill patient who can't be get a care in normal psychiatric hospital.So forensic nurse deals also with this kind of work.

    Please send me your answers and about this.
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello and welcome to the Forensic Nursing forum.

    Yes, you are correct. A Forensic Nurse can be valuable in this environment.

    Do you have specific questions about this??
  4. by   qveronica
    In Europe we don't have forensic nurses only the doctors do this job.
    are you forensic nurse ? did u got the certificate? do u have experience about this.
    are this program only online? do u know some reliable univ or college when can study this but not virtually.
    are in USA such a colleges or programs when u can study live?
    I had applied for a psychiatric nurse job in special hospital where are criminal patients released from jail.
    is a bit scary i don't know if i should accept or no. what do u think about this? sorry for so many questions

    regards and thanks for answers
  5. by   TampaTech
    Thank God! I found the forum for forensic nursing. I have wanted to do this ever since I have heard of it. I want to do death investigation. But I dont know of anywhere that does this. I have to go to nursing school first as

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