Does Forensic Nsng. include...

  1. For those of you in the field or in the know about the field...

    Does Forensic Nursing include Psych Forensic Nursing for Criminals? I know our State Psychiatric Hospital has an Forensic unit or two. I believe one program serves patients with mental or emotional disturbances, cognitive skill deficits, substance abuse, and sex offenders and the other an inpatient program serving patients who are adjudicated guilty but mentally ill and who are committed to the Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB).

    I was just looking for some information on these areas if possible.
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  3. by   LPN_mn
    I am looking for the same type of info. I recently accepted a job at a state hospital and will be providing nursing care to sex offenders. They keep making statements about forensic nursing care. So am I in some way considered a forensic nurse or is there another title for me? When I questioned why we are considered forensic nurses I was told that forensic is the title because we are in the justice system. Could someone please help me out on this one.
  4. by   mommatrauma
    Taken from IAFN website....

    "Forensic Nursing was officially recognized by the American Nurses Association in 1995 as a specialty of nursing.

    Because this is a pioneering effort, roles and definitions, as well as educational programs are continuously being identified. We at the IAFN are doing that now. The Association welcomes as regular members those registered nurses practicing in any nursing area that is concerned with legal issues, such as investigators, correctional nurse specialists, clinical trauma nurses, assault nurse examiners, psychiatric nurses dealing with potentially dangerous patients, grief counselors, and/or crisis interveners. Being a member of the Association is the best way to keep updated on developments and educational opportunities as they become available and, of course, our membership directory provides an excellent networking device."

    Hope this helps...
    I actually used to do a forensic nursing lecture for a local college and in a nut shell...forensic nursing is where nursing meets the law....
    IAFN.ORG is the International assoc.of forensic nurses website...they can give you more information about what you are looking for.
  5. by   LPN_mn
    I am an LPN. According to what I hear only RN can be forensic nurse. So where does that leave me. I do not want to tell people I am a forensic nurse when in fact I would be considered something else because of my level of nursing. It would be very embarrassing for me to tell another nurse that I am a forensic nurse only to be told that I cannot use that title because I am an LPN or be questioned by another forensic nurse regarding the use of the title. Right now I just tell people I am a nurse at a security hospital for sex offenders because I don't know how to title myself. Some one told me I am a mental health nurse. That does not seem right because these people are not considered mental health patients. PLEASE HELP!!!