Where to find IV Certification class in Florida?

  1. Hello all and thanks for the info in advance. I am and LPN and moving to Florida the end of December and am looking for an IV certification class anywhere in Florida. I need to get certified and get a job as soon as possible.
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    Hi Cathy LPN2RN,

    You might want to check out this site. Medical Training, Nursing Courses, ACLS, Clinical Solutions

    Hope that helps.
  4. by   BeachCathyRN
    Thanks NurseCatt!!
  5. by   NurseCatt
    Your are very much CathyLPN2RN. I have a question, how did you find your first job as an LPN? I am a new graduate, got my license in Oct this yr. I am having a hard time finding a job without any nursing experience except for my clinical experience in school. Do you have any pointers? Your help will be very appreciated. Thanks.
  6. by   BeachCathyRN
    Started in a crappy nursing home because they are always desperate and will hire anyone but at least it gets you the experience. I only stayed a few months and worked my rear off because it is always short staffed and then started applying for better jobs, on my second application I got a job in a rehab attached to a nursing home, still always short staffed but much better working conditions, stayed there for 8 months then onto a hospital position. And I did all this at 48 years old, now at 51 going back to school through Excelsior while working full time to get my RN. Good Luck and don't give up with a little hard work you will get there!!!!
  7. by   NurseCatt
    Thanks, that sounds real encouraging. How is the excelsior program? I am looking to getting my BSN at Indiana State University. I haven't started yet, I am focusing all my time in finding a job. Oh, what part of florida are you moving to?
  8. by   BeachCathyRN
    The program has been easier than I thought, I graduated 32 yrs ago worked a few years then got married and was out of Nursing for 25 yrs so I had to take 15 pre reqs just to apply to excelsior since back - in the old days - LOL we didn't do pre reqs!! Now I only have two nursing classes left then onto the CPNE! I thought about ISU but just going for my ASN now then will move onto BSN next. We are moving to the Tampa area I believe-so excited!!
  9. by   NurseCatt
    I wish you all the best in move to the beautiful sunshine state. Thanks for the information.

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    is another excellent place to find IV Certification Courses.
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    North Florida - Tallahassee to be exactIV Therapy for Practical Nurses Welcome to LivelyTech.com
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    I took mine online with www.nhinstitute.com they offer to take the 4 hrs of skills check-off session with them or with a preceptor you choose form your area. Ask them about preceptor's qualifications. If I don't recall wrong they require a BSN and one year of acute clinical experience for all preceptors but this might have changed. The class was good and they report 30 ceu to the board of nursing once you complete the course.