What's the starting salary for graduates fresh out of nursin school in South Florida?

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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to get an idea of what the starting salary is like for nurses straight out of nursing school. My fiance and I want to make our move down to sunny Florida after we get married. It's too cold in Connecticut!!! Also, if you could state the area that you are from, that would be helpful!! We are most likely looking at the Fort Lauderdale area or in and around that part of Florida. Speak to me all you Florida nurses!!!:roll . Any information will help. Thanks,

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    It really depends on where you apply. I'm not even sure myself. Depending on the hospital and the area you want to work you can start out at around $18.00/hour. Critical care area's usually offer an extra two or three dollars for working in that area. There is a relatively new hospital affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic:
    http://www.clevelandclinic.org/florida/ It's an excellent hospital in the fort lauderdale area. Check out their job postings ... they should give you a better estimate of salary. Hope this helps! And hope you make it to the sunshine state!
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    Dont know if this helps but I was offered $22 an hour in a hospital in Deland. I am not a new Grad but have been in a Nurisng Home enviroment for 10yrs in the UK. So I will be virtually starting from scratch as here in the UK in Nursing Homes we dont do I/V's or anything like that!

    I have been qualified for almost 14 yrs and been a Manager for this Home for 10 yrs but will feel like a newbie when I eventually get over there!!

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    I also meant to say that I think they were offering about $18 for a new Grad!

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    Tampa area starts at about 18 and change, that's in the ER I am in. I'm not sure about any other area.
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    I talked to a few hospitals in the Miami area and they hover around $20-$21/hour for a new grad.

    The other thing about Florida is you can start work as a "graduate nurse" - same pay and duties as an RN as long as you show proof you are eligible to sit for the boards. And, to work as a GN you have to take the boards within 6 months of graduation.
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    I'm shocked at what seems to be acceptable pay for experienced RN's in FL. Looks like Gulf Coast isn't the only area of FL that is way behind most states in paying what nurses deserve.

    When I was working L&D in WA state in 1990, I was making $15.50/hr. I moved to FL in 2002 & was offered $19.36/hr. Not much of a rise in pay there in 13 years, good grief!

    If you go to www.salary.com you can find out what someone obviously thinks we make in FL:

    "The median expected salary for a typical Staff Nurse - RN - Obstetrics in Pensacola, FL 32504, is $42,830. This basic market pricing report was prepared using our Certified Compensation Professionals' analysis of survey data collected from thousands of HR departments at employers of all sizes, industries and geographies."


    I think maybe we need nursing coalitions or unions. Something to pay nurses in FL for all the very hard work that they do.

    Just my 2cents, thanks!

    HandsOnTLC/ Katie
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    The pay does seem low. Some of my classmates are working jobs as pct's in central Florida & making nearly $11 an hour to start.....and that's with only one semester of nursing classes under their belt.
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    I was born in DeLand, never ran into anyone who knew where it was, I am curious which hospital???

    I really liked it there as a kid, good weather, great beaches close and the sky at night, so many more stars than Chicago.

    Curious though, how did you find out about DeLand???

    PM me if you like.
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    WOW- I think I am in shock. I am used to NY, NJ RN salaries. I know that I will make less in FL but your salaries sound like what we pay LPN's up here.

    Any guess as to what pittance I would be offered as a Manager or Director of Nursing in LTC in Central Fl.



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