what are the best and worst hospital to work for? what are the best and worst hospital to work for? | allnurses

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what are the best and worst hospital to work for?

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    in florida- miami-dade and broward counties there are a big list of hospitals to choose from....but which one would you consider first and last? and why? i read aventura hospital was closed last fall/2006 due to increased patient death...and parkway was closed and became the new jackson north! i hear memorial has great benefits but do not pay nurses well?! and i hear that the tenet system like palmetto hospital or hialeah hospital its not a good system for medical staff members?! also heard that to work in cleveland clinic you really gotta have a connection to work there?!!but for nurses to star of at mercy for only $21.60/hr!? i feel that is too little!!! i think rn's should start with $25/hr and lpn's should start with $21/hr both at least in hospitals...any opinions? thoughts? info?:spin:
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    I've worked at 2 Miami hospitals: Mercy Hospital and South Miami Hospital (part of Baptist Health South Florida). Both are nonprofits. Of the two I prefer South Miami, even though the pay may be a little higher at Mercy. Unless they have changed in the past 4 years, night dif at Mercy is 25% of hourly rate, without a cap. Most of the other hospitals put a dollar amount cap on the night dif.
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    I Think They Are All The Same
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    i hear that hospitals part of the baptist system is the best in terms of patient & employee care

    yeah... parkway is now jackson north b/c of bad $$$ practices..so my dad tells me.

    have you looked at broward general?

    whats the pay rate at memorial...

    when i get cert. i was lookin to work there @ memorial miramar cuz *we may be moving that way soon.