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Hello! Just starting a thread for all of us accepted into the Spring 2013 class to get aquainted and keep each other informed on what's to come! I will be enjoying my freedom for another few months!... Read More

  1. by   mnc06c
    perfect thanks!
  2. by   mzladii
    Does anyone remember what kind of shoes we have to wear for lab and for clinicals?
  3. by   mnc06c
    Close toed, white shoes
  4. by   Greengal1
    I know for clinicals they need to be all white tennis shoes only, and I know we can ware the same shoes for labs but I'm not sure what others we can use for labs. Does anyone else know what shoes we can have for labs besides all white tennis shoes?
  5. by   mnc06c
    Okay so I am officially confused......I was looking the message board of the Nursing Spring 2013 group, and someone asked about purchasing lib kits....some one else replied saying we bought our lab kits the first day of lab, in the lab. It was my understanding that we ordered/ paid for our lab kits with our books at the bookstore, but received them the first day of class...?
    I am looking at starting to get all my books this week, and want to make sure I get everything....anyone have more insight than I do about lab kits?
  6. by   bdicenzo
    The bookstore told me that as soon as the nursing program gives them the book list it will be available on their website.

    Also, I'm the one who asked about the lab kits. The person who responded to me said they would be available to purchase during our first class meeting. I'm going to the bookstore next week, so I'll find out what they say in regards to our lab kits
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  7. by   mzladii
    If we are getting financial aid wouldn't it show up on atlas already? Has anyone received there's yet? I'm started to get nervous that something is wrong and I definitely do not want any last minute problems paying for everything
  8. by   mzladii
    I'm assuming financial aid covers the lab kits too right?
  9. by   achelekatt
    I talked to the Osceola campus bookstore and they said they will have the books only during the first week of January. The same with the labkits too. Did anyone else contacted the bookstore? Please let me know.
  10. by   Greengal1
    I contacted the West Campus bookstore today and they said they don't even have the Nursing Spring 2013 books yet, they will be getting them in the middle/end of next week. About lab kits you buy them at the book store and pick them up on the first day of school, waiting to the first day of school to buy them sounds too risky. What other shoes can we have besides all white tennis school while in our khaki and navy uniforms?
  11. by   Greengal1
    Are there any rules about makeup or nail polish that I missed during orientation? I know Hair and perfume were mentioned but what about these others?
  12. by   Graduation2016
    Usually nails must be natural, and short. No nail polish of any kind and of course no acrylic or any type of artificial nails. Hair longer than shoulder length should be pulled in a pony tail and ear rings should be studs, nothing bigger or that hangs. No necklaces or bracelets either. Just a watch for VS. and makeup if you must wear it, should be natural. Any lotions should have no scent and obviously no perfume either. Hope this helps. Oh and please, no thongs under your white uniform pants!
  13. by   Greengal1
    Thanks for refreshing my memory mom2banurse!!! Do you possibly know what other shoes we can have besides all white tennis school while in our khaki and navy uniforms?I know there was some kind of variation but I can't remember.