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Hello! Just starting a thread for all of us accepted into the Spring 2013 class to get aquainted and keep each other informed on what's to come! I will be enjoying my freedom for another few months!... Read More

  1. by   Greengal1
    Before doing anything get your Valencia ID redone (it will save you money). The best prices for most shots are through Centra Care b/c of the discount. You can also get your physical at CVS or Walgreens as well as shots that you may need. During orientation it is my understanding that Centra care will be there to supply us with any shots needed. Don't stress, it took me less then a week to get most everything done as of today you still have a month before the deadline.
  2. by   sexyeve
    Greengal1: I'm going to take my CPR class this Friday November 9 at the First United Methodist Church is only $38. Also, I have already the physical and the vaccines; also, today I apply for the certified background.
  3. by   Greengal1
    I didn't see one there for Friday, did you select BLS for Healthcare Providers class? I'm taking with Adams Support Service Employee Training and mine is $45.
  4. by   sexyeve
    Greengal1: In our orientation package they send us a page with 3 resources where we can take the BLS CPR class. I took it with the CPR for Citizens at CPR & ACLS Academy with the Instructor Rick MCGarity. The telephone is 407-629-5183, he has another class next Saturday the 17th. The cost is only $38 and is only 4 hrs (10am-2pm) and he give you the card the same day when you pass the test that is really easy. I really like the class and he give you practice, different situations and he talk about his experiences was very interesting. Sorry, that you didn't know about it. I hope you have your certified card if not try to call him. In other hand, the only thing that I did not finish is tha background part. I did my app for Labcorp and UPS for my fingerprints but I did not understand the tracker part. Question: I have to download the form that the doctor fill out with all the dates of my vaccines since I was a little girl in every different kind of vaccine. Ex. if I go to Measles (Rubeola) when I press yes because I was born after 1957 then, I have to upload the document via fax or my computer and they ask me the same in Rubella etc. The other vaccines they only ask me of the document. Please I need helpppp, Thanks....
  5. by   Greengal1
    BLS CPR is done, thanks anyways sexyeve. I would print out the paper and bring it to your doctor to fill out. When your doctor signs they are not saying that they gave you all the shots but that your records show what you had them done and when. I uploaded the same form for ever single vaccine. Press "yes" for both Measles and Rubella and upload the form signed off and everything filled out; the same exact form you upload for all other vaccines like Tetanus/Diptheria. I hope this helps.
  6. by   bdicenzo
    Has anyone's Academic profile been updated from "pending admission"? If so, when did it get updated for you? Mine still looks like this:

    Class Standing: Sophomore
    Degree: Pending Adm to Limited Acess
    Level: Credit
    Program: AS: Pending Nursing
    Admit Term: Fall 2010 Credit Courses
    Catalog Term: Fall 2010 Credit Courses
    College: Post Secondary Vocational
    Major: AS Nursing, R.N.
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  7. by   Greengal1
    None of ours has changed, we are all still pending, it will change once we finish Orientation. I'm assuming it will change once they sign us up for classes since we don't do it ourselves.
  8. by   Greengal1
    Now for something fun, I thought this was funny and wanted to share, this is going to be us soon enough!!!
    **** Nursing Students Say - YouTube & **** Nursing Students Say Part 2 - YouTube
    Enjoy your sleep while you can!
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  9. by   bdicenzo
    Okay everyone, I've been told one of the keys to success in nursing school is getting to know your classmates & building a support system. So let's get to know each other!
    I'm Briana.
    I live in Winter Springs, so I'll be attending West campus. I try to be Eco-friendly in everything I do, so to anyone living my way, I wouldn't mind making friends & carpooling. I live with my boyfriend and two dogs. I enjoy Running, cycling, blogging, organizing things and doing crafts.

    So... who wants to be study buddies?
  10. by   Greengal1
    Sorry, I don't live anywhere near Winter Springs.

    Heads up on the scrub Uniform: the bottoms are super see through, so add some white or nude panties to the things to buy list.
  11. by   bdicenzo
    I guess no one's interested in being study buddies, Oh Well!

    On a side note: I'm registered for Silver section. I really wanted red, but my internet was out when I was trying to register....

    Greengal, Did they have all of the white scrub uniform in stock? I was told they wouldn't have them in for a few days...
  12. by   tzeena
    Quote from melissa104
    Hello! Just starting a thread for all of us accepted into the Spring 2013 class to get aquainted and keep each other informed on what's to come! I will be enjoying my freedom for another few months! :-) Until January!
    Hi everyone. Good Luck to all of you. I am a Nursing student from Valencia. Be prepared. Course is very intense and exams are hard because they can be confusing or have two right answers and you need to know how to pick the best one. I repeated NUR 1...So my advice is to do a lot of questions so you get used to test taking skills and know how to pick best answer.
    Good luck to all of you
  13. by   Greengal1
    Thank you for your insite tzeena! How did you do in the other Nursing classes?