Valencia Community College

  1. Hi, I just got accepted into Valencia's nursing program. I would love to hear from students who are either in the nursing program or graduates of the program at Valencia as to how you liked it. How were the teachers? What is the success rate of students starting the program to students finishing? Thank you!!
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  3. by   vking110
    Hey smm1901, congrats on getting accepted . When do you start?
  4. by   smm1901
    Hi, I start spring of 2012!!! I'm retaking a few classes like anatomy as refresher courses in the meantime. Are you a student at Valencia?
  5. by   vking110
    i was i got my aa from there and i took class at scc also. i was just accepted into the fall of 2011. i'm taking a break from classes. a friend of mine just finished the np this week. she said there is a lot of reading and it's not that bad if you pay attention. she didn't talk much about the teachers except her clinical instructor was awesome .
  6. by   swarner5
    I just applied, how long til they contacted you about acceptance?
  7. by   vking110
    i want to say about 3 weeks, but i can't remember exactly. they contact you by email.
  8. by   swarner5
    oh, thanks so much. i can't seem to get anyone from the nursing office to call me back on that one.
  9. by   IWantBobatea
    I am waiting for the acceptance letter too
    My friend is currently in the program and she told me just study hard and u will do fine (make sure you understand the stuff)
  10. by   vccorscc
    wow i didnt know the list was into spring 2012 already. Thats more than a year now. thats crazy. I applied in March of 2010..i start Summer Term 2011 soooo excited
  11. by   swarner5
    that's wonderful! let us know how it is!
  12. by   DaniLPN2RN
    I'm considering applying for the LPN-RN Advanced Track program at VCC. Just wondering what the application process is like. I have a couple of pre-reqs left to complete. Do they require you are finished with all pre-reqs before applying to the program? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I'm eager to move on to the next level of my nursing career!!!
  13. by   DaniLPN2RN
    I have heard good things about the VCC program. Has anyone heard anything negative?
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  14. by   vccorscc
    i have heard they have a better program then UCF