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Hi, I just got accepted into Valencia's nursing program. I would love to hear from students who are either in the nursing program or graduates of the program at Valencia as to how you liked it. How were the teachers? What is... Read More

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    I'm considering applying for the LPN-RN Advanced Track program at VCC. Just wondering what the application process is like. I have a couple of pre-reqs left to complete. Do they require you are finished with all pre-reqs before applying to the program? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I'm eager to move on to the next level of my nursing career!!!

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    I have heard good things about the VCC program. Has anyone heard anything negative?
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    i have heard they have a better program then UCF
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    Just got my acceptance letter for Jan 2012, hmmmm what to do meanwhile
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    Can someone give an estimate as to the required GPA for the Valencia program. Also if anyone knows the same info for Seminole State that would be helpfull. Trying to find out some information for a friend. Thanks everyone and congrats btw .
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    For Valencia, the gpa requirement is 2.5, unless you want to do the concurrent with UCF program, then it is 3.0. I have no information on Seminole.
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    Hi Swarner,

    Outside of the minimum stated requirement, is anyone familiar with the real actual minimum GPA and TEAS test scores needed to enter the program?

    For instance, with my program the minimum GPA according to the school is a 2.5. However, the minimum GPA typically accepted can vary from about a 3.1- a 3.5.
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    To get into valencia, you just need to pass all the pre-req courses, atleast 2.5gpa, and teas with 75% overall score & 75% in the reading section. They are different from other school, you get the spot if you completed it first.
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    This program is not competitive, you get in as long as you get a 74 or higher on the TEAS and have a 2.5 gpa. These are all you need no matter what others may get.
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    from what I understand of the SSC/SCC program, the "stated" requirements are a 2.5 gpa, 73% on teas. However, as opposed to the VCC program where if you passed pre-reqs have an overall 2.5 gpa (I believe) with 75% teas - you're in (but waitlisted) - SSC has no waitlist by dividing the applicants into to categories & pulling from there.
    Category 1 applicants must have 3.0 or higher; Category 2 is 2.5-2.9. The great thing is they recalculate the gpa, so they only take the grades from the pre-reqs and the gen ed requirements into consideration.
    The categories are futher broken down (in each category) by the date you finished your courses, re-calculated gpa, teas. Where it gets sticky is this: they only accept 2x/yr. Once for day program, once for night/weekends. The reason they don't waitlist is because you're either in or your not, you have to re-apply.
    They pick 1st from the category 1 pool of applicants (typically no one w/a teas below 87-85% gets in regardless) & if there are any slots remaining then they tier down to category 2. They don't seem to take very many at a time, something like 150 (maybe) with allotment for a greater percentage of the students who want to be concurrent BSN.

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