UWF Fall BSN 2013 Applicants

  1. Hi!
    I applied to UWF for their BSN nursing program and I have not seen any other forums about UWF! Has anyone else applied? What were your stats? I'm excited but nervous and I hope I get accepted! The wait is scary! Hopefully we can talk on this form about the application progress.
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  3. by   ChrystalAD
    Hi! I'm glad I found someone else who applied!! UWF is one of 9 schools I'm applying to and we won't be hearing from them until mid-May.. the worst part of this process is all the waiting!! I have a 3.2 gpa overall and a 3.4 gpa pre-reqs and an 82.7% TEAS.. my stats aren't the most competitive, so I'm really nervous about getting in.
  4. by   ICURN91011
    Wow!! 9 schools! That's awesome! At least you will have choices. I have a 3.45 overall GPA and a 83% on the TEAS. I have applied to other schools too but I have used this site to tell if I was competitive or not! I haven't found hardly anything on UWF so it makes the waiting so much more scary and difficult!! I wish you the best of luck with all of your schools you applied too!
  5. by   jk29
    Hi! I applied to UWF too... I've heard they do not have too many applications this year. So can't wait to hear from them...
  6. by   jazy0307
    I also applied to UWF and I really hope I can get into the program in this fall..
    I have good GPA but my TEAS test score was not good..
  7. by   jk29
    Yea, it depends what kind of "POOL" is this year... I hope we will find out that pretty soon
  8. by   ICURN91011
    Hi! What were y'all's stats? Also have y'all heard anything from them in regards to whether or not they received your application? I haven't so I get nervous! I hope we all get in! How many applicant did you hear that they received?
  9. by   jk29
    My stats are not as good as it could be... In regards to the application, I have not heard anything. I am sure they are not suppose to let you know that... I just know that this year the results will be sooner than May 17th. So hopefully we will hear from them very soon
  10. by   stylishest
    I am so glad you started this! It is daunting waiting to hear back...May 17th can't come soon enough for me. I took the teas 3 times, ended with a 86.7, 3.5 overall GPA, 3.7 prerequisites (I think, maybe a 3.6). I didn't have time to finish any of the recommended courses so that will not look so good, however, I was able to complete 60 volunteer service hours at a clinic...sometimes I feel really hopeful, sometimes I don't think I have a chance. All I know is that when I was in there taking the teas with all the other hopefuls, everyone seemed deserving and like they would be wonderful classmates. Good Luck to you all!! (This is the only school I applied to)
  11. by   stylishest
    I hand delivered mine, just for that reason. I know I would go nuts not knowing. I did receive a phone call from the department a couple weeks ago, apparently my foreign language credits had disappeared...I had to drop off my highschool transcript the next day. She was nice about it, it just about gave me a heart attack when I got the call though. She said she would look at my application in about two weeks...not sure if that meant I would know something in two weeks or not, doubtful.
  12. by   jk29
    I hand delivered mine too... Last year they got results in the beginning of May (3d or 4th). So I am thinking this year should be the same...
  13. by   jk29
    How are they gonna inform us? By mail or email? Does anybody know?
  14. by   Stephanie.E
    Pre-Req 3.7 GPA 3.6, Teas 83%. I too am waiting on their decision, I'm nervous. Anyone out there have stats of the last accepted class?