1. Is anybody on here attending the University of South Florida's RN to BSN program? I'd love to have someone to talk to about it, I am currently enrolled full time.
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  3. by   wannabmidwife
    I'm looking into that program. Im finishing my ASN in May and would love to begin in Aug. What's your experience been like? Is it a lot of work? I was told that it's all online and there are no set clinical hours which is why I'm not going to attend FIU. One year full-time?
  4. by   pedsRN28
    I've been looking into USF as well being that it's local. What are your thoughts of the program so far?
  5. by   AlaBro2010
    We haven't gotten into anything too in depth yet but it's a lot of reading and writing, but the writing is manageable. I've been able to do it and I get home around 6pm and have a toddler. The professors really want you to succeed so that's one thing I love! So far so good. I believe you could finish full time in one year. Edited to add: we do have clinical hours we need to do but you do them when you can at your work.
  6. by   stephalina6
    Hi! Was hoping you could provide an update on your experience with the program. What kind of clinical hours do they require? I currently work on a telemetry unit at a hospital ... do you just fulfill the clinical hours as you work??