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    Is anybody on here attending the University of South Florida's RN to BSN program? I'd love to have someone to talk to about it, I am currently enrolled full time.
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    I'm looking into that program. Im finishing my ASN in May and would love to begin in Aug. What's your experience been like? Is it a lot of work? I was told that it's all online and there are no set clinical hours which is why I'm not going to attend FIU. One year full-time?
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    I've been looking into USF as well being that it's local. What are your thoughts of the program so far?
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    We haven't gotten into anything too in depth yet but it's a lot of reading and writing, but the writing is manageable. I've been able to do it and I get home around 6pm and have a toddler. The professors really want you to succeed so that's one thing I love! So far so good. I believe you could finish full time in one year. Edited to add: we do have clinical hours we need to do but you do them when you can at your work.