USF Fall 2012

  1. I was looking through the site and realized there was no place for USF Fall '12 applicants. Just wanted to know who was applying and for what program?

    Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   abRN_007
    Quote from samiam856
    I was looking through the site and realized there was no place for USF Fall '12 applicants. Just wanted to know who was applying and for what program?

    Good luck to everyone!
    Hi! I think i am applying. I just applied to the actual school as a transfer and am waiting to see if i get accepted first to apply to their nursing program.
  4. by   jaguars91
    Hey Samiam,

    I am applying for the standard BSNUR program. I submitted the SOAR application the first day it opened and now I will be anxiously waiting!

    What program are you applying for?
  5. by   samiam856
    I am applying to the 2nd degree program. I have a Bachelors and Masters so I figure it might be best for me. However I believe I can apply to both so I just may do that lol. My whole application is filled out except my personal statement lol. I'm trying to make it as good as I can. I don't have any healthcare experience so I'm hoping that won't hurt my chances too bad.
  6. by   jaguars91
    From my conversation with a USF advisor, I'm not sure it will hurt you too much. Work experience, personal achievements, and other aspects presenting great qualities should suffice. It wouldn't be fair to those who have to work to support themselves. But, it is certainly possible (and more realistic) that if you have volunteer experience you do have a slight edge. Good luck to you!
  7. by   Very
    stay hopeful everyone. last year i applied to usf and i am now enjoying the grueling experience of being a usf nursing student. it is worth the wait.
  8. by   chrisleak08
    Im applying to the accelerated program in the fall good luck everyone I heard they only accept 24 students in the 2rd degree program.
  9. by   taytay05

    I plan on applying next year. I am really worried though. They require one class in bio, physics, or chem. I have an A in human biology, B in cell biology, and dropped chem after the drop add so received an F in that and the chem lab. However, I am retaking chem with the lab and plan to get an A. They say they look at first grade of a prereq. Will they look at the bio instead of the chem you think? All my other prereqs are A's so far except a B in algebra. My gpa right now is 3.62 but will be around 3.75 when I apply. By the time I apply I will also have over 270 hours of volunteer service. Should I be worried with my stats? I heard someone applied with a 3.8 and was rejected. I really want to go to USF because they have a surgery rotation and a class in ethics. Any advice would be helpful.
  10. by   jaguars91
    [font=times][font=times]hey taytay,

    to be honest, i think they probably will look at your chemistry grade. if you don't mind me asking, why did you drop the class? i ask because maybe there are certain acceptable excuses that would cause them not to account for the wf. the fact that you have 270 hours of volunteer experience is a definite advantage to your application and your gpa is good. also, usf reviews applications in such a way that it is somewhat forgiving to those that have made a mistake or two. they account 60% of the application to your gpa and 40% to your essay. that is why it is possible for someone with a 3.8 gpa, even a 4.0, to be denied. this provides you with a great opportunity to include things like your volunteer experience or even an unusual circumstance that forced you to drop the class (although it is certainly possible they may not accept any excuse) while answering the soar essay questions. my best advice would be to talk to the nursing advisor at usf after you are admitted into the general admission (which is mandatory, anyways). she was very nice to me. that would give you a much better idea. until then, keep up the volunteering and the good work! good luck!
  11. by   taytay05
    I was dating someone who was heavily into drugs which I obviously don't want to include in my application. I was very caught up in the relationship and it was kind of codependent at the same time.
  12. by   HelpingHand13
    hey guys this is 19nariKa

    Really hope we get in taytay05

    Hi I just applied to USF school of nursing upper division for fall 2012. I was told by the nursing advisors that a 3.7 GPA was the average admittance GPA from last year.

    I was wondering if you guys think I have a chance I have a 3.75 GPA and a 3.8 science GPA I never failed any classes I withdrew pass from one class A and P 1 and later recieved an A. I wrote a strong personal statement. I have exprience because I have been a C.N.A. since 2008 and I have volunteered (I was told this voluteerism is not as important by an advisor) someone please reply I'm so excited to hear your replys. Thank You! I made a C in human growth but the remaining classes were mostly A's and B's
  13. by   samiam856
    Does anyone know how long they take to make decisions? Like around when we should hear if we got in or not for the fall? I know the deadline is June 15th so I was just curious
  14. by   taytay05
    Narika, you definitely have a chance, especially with your healthcare experience.