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USF applicants 2013 - page 8

Anyone applying to USF's (University of South Florida) nursing program?. I feel discouraged because I heard how competitive and rigorous it is.I have a 3.7 gpa. finished about half of my pre reqs,... Read More

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    If anyone doesn't mind what are your backup plans per se? Or will you wait another year to apply inquiring mind wants to know lol
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    I regret not applying to other colleges as backup but I'm thinking of applying to the UCF nursing program in the Spring. I'm also thinking of taking prereq for pharmacy in the meantime.
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    Well I applied to four BSN programs this year, but have already gotten rejected from two of them. My back up plans if I don't get accepted this year to USF or UF is to get another job and work on another bachelors in the meantime. I certainly want to keep applying next year because this is what I really want to do. But my adviser told me it would be good to double major. But hopefully plan A works out! (cross fingers)
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    I have been accepted at a school in Fort Myers so that's my backup 😊but I REALLY want to go to USF!
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    Sorry for typos^, on my phone lol!
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    Quote from uhuynh
    I regret not applying to other colleges as backup but I'm thinking of applying to the UCF nursing program in the Spring. I'm also thinking of taking prereq for pharmacy in the meantime.
    I was also going to apply to UCF's nursing program but I was afraid my courses wouldn't transfer from my community college ..but it says the application opens jan 15 to Feb 15 for the basic BSN program in fall so maybe I should give that a shot too....
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    I wanted to apply to UCF but it's too far for me. I live in the Tampa Bay area and I am staying with my parents so Orlando would not be a good option for me, unfortunately. Which is another reason why I am crossing my fingers for USF. Very nice commute from my house
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    As for me I didn't apply anywhere else smh. So all my eggs are in one baskets. And if that don't work I'm just going to apply to my community college and unf for spring term. But I'm crossing fingers not for luck but to avoid chewing all my nails off lol
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    Same for me ecari, lol. Are you guys waiting to do the general admission orientation until you hear something back from USF? I know they require the general orientation before the nursing orientation. I just don't want to spend the $50 bucks and then find out I don't get in (hoping that's not the case lol)
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    I'm waiting to hear back before I do that because I live in jacksonville so that's a drive for me lol I seen a orientation date for the 26th of this month and we should (hopefully ) hear back at least a week before that. So if all works out I'm attending that orientation. And as far as the $50 I want to say that on the website it says if you cancel at the least 2 days before the date they give you your money.
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    Oh okay great, thank you for the heads up!! Hope to see you there if or when we both get accepted
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    Same with me I'm waiting for a reply before I take any type of action USF related because if I'm not in the program well I'm not in the school. And there's always dorms and student housing at UCF Twentyone Pilots
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    Has anyone thought of doing an internship once they graduate from whichever program they enter? Its hard for new graduates to get jobs I hear. My dream is to either work at an All Childrens Hospital or Florida Hospital