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Anyone applying to USF's (University of South Florida) nursing program?. I feel discouraged because I heard how competitive and rigorous it is.I have a 3.7 gpa. finished about half of my pre reqs, got A's in all of my science... Read More

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    Thanks and we're in the same boat so I hope we both get in

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    For sure! Best of luck. I'm looking forward to hearing back already, haha
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    This is a little off topic, but I received my financial aid award package today and I received mostly loans. I believe IF I were to get into USF I would have to take out quite a bit of loans. I only received the pell grant and an assistance grant. The rest is subsidized and unsubsidized loans. Anyone else on the same boat? Are there any scholarships available?
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    OMG, my stomach totally dropped when I saw that SOAR emailed me lol. It was only to confirm that my prerequisites have been met and my status has been changed to COMMITEE. Now time for the wait. If I get in I'll be so excited and honored but if I don't get the chance..well it is what it is.... I'm going to wait to hear from USF before making any big moves about loans, immunizations and etc.
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    Awesome!! I know how you feel, we are all anxious and hopeful. I applied only two days ago so I didn't get the email yet. I bet seeing that pop up in your inbox gave you a giant heart attack.. Haha. Good luck to you
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    I received the email too! How exciting! The email says 3-4 weeks after deadline. Hopefully it's sooner!
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    It's going to be a long 3-4 weeks lol
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    Meaning it's going to be a lonnggg wait...It just hit me how close we really are to getting accepted. All that hard work and dedication boils down to this final decision...its crazy.
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    I know! I'm really excited. At least we have this forum to share our nervousness!
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    I applied to the USF upper division for Fall 2013 when it opened and I got an email two weeks ago saying my home campus was not the Tampa Campus and that I had to change that. I turned in a campus declaration change to change from USF St. Petersburg Campus to the USF Tampa campus on May 21,2013, and I was so nervous because it was already May 29, 2013 and my campus still wasn't changed! I called them and they said they would get it done that day by the end of day but I checked and my home campus was still St.Pete. I then called them on May 30th and told them I needed it done asap and the lady said she would get it all done by that day. I was checking every hour and it was finally changed before the deadline! I was so happy. I then emailed in the SOAR discussion that my home campus was changed to the Tampa campus and I got a reply the following day (May 31,2013 the deadline)that said this ...Thank you for updating your campus, we will continue to review your application. I was so happy because I thought I wouldn't make the deadline. I hope to get a reply from them soon, I'm super nervous. I'm also out of the country so it's super hard to communicate with the school. My cumulative GPA is 3.47 and for prereq I have all A's and 2 B's. Anyone know my chances of getting in since my cumulative GPA isn't as high as others....I'm really hoping I get accepted. I'm super nervous!

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