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Anyone applying to USF's (University of South Florida) nursing program?. I feel discouraged because I heard how competitive and rigorous it is.I have a 3.7 gpa. finished about half of my pre reqs, got A's in all of my science... Read More

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    Oh yea you definitely see patients in the hospital ad you start interacting them. You get to perform basic care kind of like a CNA. Bathing, feeding, dressing, and etc for the patient. They assign you to an RN that you get to follow. There are also assignments you have to complete as well. It's definitely a new experience and can be all overwhelming at first.It's going to be awkward your first semester because you can't really do much for ex. Injections, IV infusions, giving out medications. However, you get into the groove of things eventually. Its definitely an eye opening experience when you see the sick patients and interact with them.

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    Quote from Cookie.Cruz
    @jgab ...I think you should definitely use that you were an immigrant and your struggles in the essay definitely. Just as long as it pertains to your journey of wanting to be a nurse. But it has to relate to whatever topic they give you ...maybe you can use it as an example to show you possess the trait determination. Just make yourself stand out definitely and USF is known for accepting a variety of cultures. The nursing program is great but be prepared to be drained by the end of the week. It's ALOT of work so def set aside some time. It's challenging at first but you get used to it. The first semester is hardest because you're new to everything but you progress and get stronger. If you make it through the first semester you can make it through them all. There are also several hospitals-they assign you to one think of commute lol. But it's great, rewarding, and tiring but worth it . Any more questions just ask me!!
    Awww you think so?! Maybe I will include it I wonder if people with like 3.5 which is the minimum actually get in :/ and I cant wait! It all sounds so exiciting! You are soooo lucky! Lol thank you so much for your help and advice. Do you have ant recomandations as far as a specefic advisor I should meet with ? I plan on visinting the campus in January
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    Honestly, I never went to an advisor. I don't think they talk to you unless you're accepted as an pre-nursing student...check out previous USF threads to get an overall idea. It's pages though lol. And thank you yea I only applied to USF too, I didn't have a backup plan and by the grace of god I got in. I guess it was meant to be haha.
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    And all you can do is write a bomb essay and wait. Have a backup plan! Good luck
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    Can someone please let me know how long is the RN-MS program at USF please? Thanks
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    LOL! Ahhh just thinking about getting that acceptance email gives me chills! Im just going to pray for the best and make sure my essay is GREAT! thank you soooo much!

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