University of Miami ABSN May 2013 - page 5

Has anyone else applied for the May 2013 cohort? I applied this week and am awaiting my transcripts/letters of recommendation to be received.... Read More

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    K I just made our own group! Search: University of Miami ABSN May 2013

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    Woops I wasn't supposed to link I think so search on FB: University of Miami ABSN May 2013
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    Sorry about the group guys! I def. made one I don't know why it wouldn't show up! Thanks jpark31 for making it!
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    Oh my gosh, I'm just catching up on the board, and am SO excited!! I just sent a request to join the group! Can't wait to see you all on there!
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    No problem! =)
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    If I'm admitted, -crossing fingers-, I'll also be looking for a roommate-- anyone interested in the University Village? On campus housing looks great and ideally I'd like to room with someone in the same program!
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    Hi All!

    I applied for the March 1st deadline so I will not find out until later. I live in Florida and am familiar with Miami. As far as I know, Miami is pretty much like L.A. public transport so you will need a car to make life easier. Hoping to get in #fingerscrossed
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    Hi everybody I recently got accepted into the program and I'm so excited to start. Does anybody need a roommate? I want to live near campus, well on would be better but I'm not sure if they allow absn students to live on campus. Let me know!
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    Congratulations everyone on your acceptance! I am in the summer 2012 program and getting ready to graduate. I am going to join your Facebook group, if that's alright, because I have some stuff (uniforms, textbooks, parking pass, etc) that I'd like to get rid of in May. Also, so you can contact me if you have any questions about what life as a nursing student is like Again, congratulations!! Its all about the []_[] now!

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