University of Miami Accelerated BSN May2009

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    if anyone got into um nursing program post here. :redpinkhe introduce yourself!
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    I am in the program!!! Are you on the new student cane website? If so, we have been talking!!
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    Are you Roanna? If so I am going to PM you my personal email bc I know we are going to be in contact often.
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    yes, this is Roanna!! I sent you a message with my phone number.
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    Hey Everyone:

    I got in too! WOO HOO!! Do both of you live in the Miami area, or will you be moving here for school? I am from CA, but live in Miami now.
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    congratulations. I live in West Palm Beach and will be commuting and getting an apartment to stay sometimes!!
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    congrats! I live in Pembroke Pines right now, but I really want to be as close to Miami as I can. I do not want to travel an hour everyday to classes. How old are you? Are you living by yourself? I looked at the on campus living but I am not sure about it yet because I know I do not want to be living with young students who are in party mode. I bet you are as excited as both Rohanna and I are. Our journey is going to begin soon, I just can't wait!!
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    Hi Guy, me too, few months more we will finish the school and become rn soon!!! Let's help each other and share things together.
    Can't wait to see you guy again!
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    hi geny, You got into the accelerated program for may 2009? congrats. Yes, I think everyone is going to have to help each other out. Where are you planning on living? Whats your age/sex/previous major?
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    Hey All! I'm a 34 year old guy, and my previous degree is a B.M. in Opera/Voice. I taught private lessons full time from 2000-2005, and left it because I got recruited into management and corporate education. It's what I did while I was in college, and when I realized it was time for me to get out of the Opera business it was an easy choice. I'm going into nursing because I feel like there is something greater that I should be doing. I realize that perhaps sounds corny and narcissistic; however, I just think that I should be somehow trying to make our world a better place.

    How will everybody be affording to live? Will anybody be working part or full time jobs (I'm assuming with VERY flexible hours)?