Univ of Miami Accelerated BSN 2011 Applicants

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    Anyone else??
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    I deferred my enrollment, so unless I get into FAU (or if I get a scholarship), I'll be at UM in May.
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    i had registered for the info session this thurs 11/1 but it was cancelled ... next one (perhaps last one) is on 11/30, so i rescheduled for that one. it's dangerously close to the early decision deadline so i am going to have to act on stuff soon.

    i was hoping to have that opportunity to ask some questions about the application, but i will pose my questions here in case others have answers:

    (1) in the common application, what term do i indicate if i am applying for the summer 2011 term? there is no button for summer, only spring 2011 and fall 2011. was told to indicate spring 2011 term.

    (2) the nursing school website says that an essay is not required, but the common application will not let you submit the application without attaching a personal essay. what do we do then? was told to upload a doc that simply states "not applicable" ... i was uncomfortable doing this so i simply edited an essay for another school to fit this one and uploaded that. can't hurt!!

    i think i have another question, but i cannot think of it now. i hope someone can help me, thank you! i am still at a loss as to what my other question was :d

    edit: well, i ended up calling the school to speak to helpful (albeit reluctant to talk long on the phone) people who answered my questions. i added the answers in red next to the questions above.
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    My application is IN ...
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    Did anyone attend the last info session, which was on 11/30? I had to miss it, just curious to know what was discussed.
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    I applied to the Accelerated BSN for May2011. Do you know when we will have a decision by? I hate waiting ! AHH
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    I know your pain, believe me I DO!! Did you send in an application before the Dec 1 early decision deadline? I am going to send an email to a friend of mine who is currently in the ABSN program there. He should know because he applied last year by that date.
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    Yes I turned it in November 1, and sent in letters of recommendation and College Officials Report last week. One of the ladies in the admissions office emailed me that they needed my AP scores from high school 4 years ago so I had to send those in today . It was nice to know someone actually followed up to get everything they needed for my file. Based on the old thread though, it seems as though it was rolling admissions as everyone found out at different times. I am applying for May though and I thought December 1 was the regular deadline. It used to be the early decision for the Fall, but I am not sure they are having a fall class anymore?
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    Really? I thought they had a May and an August cohort. I was unable to attend any of the info sessions this year so I dont know if anything changed with regards to August. Perhaps Dec 1 is the regular deadline after all. Now I am not sure. The only thing missing in my application in mid-Nov was the College Officials Report and that was sent right thereafter. I was able to confirm a week later that it was received, so nothing else to do but wait.

    BTW, my friend responded and he had applied to the program on Oct 1 last year, got a decision sometime @ Thanksgiving. I suppose it is rolling, had I known that I would have applied earlier. Oh well, lets see what happens!
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    Anyone get a decision yet?

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