UNF BSN 2018 - page 9

I figured I'd start a topic for UNF since I haven't seen a thread yet and the summer 2018 application dates are coming up soon.... Read More

  1. by   fountain0421
    I got an interview invite for 9:30 AM!
  2. by   broughden
    Interview workshop invite went out today.
  3. by   MichieQ
    If we get an invitation to the program, do we have to go in for another interview on the 25th? I'm trying to arrange my flight and hotel and just want to make sure I plan accordingly.
  4. by   Jessicawilson0719
    My interview is for 9:30. Is everyone going to the interview workshop?
  5. by   Jessicawilson0719
    I didn't read anything about a second interview, just the taking flight orientation in August.