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    Wow I didn't know you guys had such a broad range of clinical sites. I'd love to go to UF but I'm also applying to other schools.

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    Quote from gatornurse2013
    As far as the classes, it's tough to get into the program but once you're in, they want to keep you! That said, I was nearly a straight A student coming into the UF CON but I soon learned to accept and be happy with B's. Sometimes I'm working hard for B's but I do feel extremely prepared for the NCLEX. C=RN after all! I cannot speak highly enough of our professors. They are some of the kindest, most supportive, knowledgeable people in the whole university, in my opinion. I've had clinical experiences at Shands, the VA, and North Florida Regional Medical Center and I've been impressed by all of them, though Shands is my favorite.Schedule wise- the first two semesters were very busy. We had lab once a week, 8 hours of clinical once a week, and classes the other 3 days. We also had community clinicals where we had to go volunteer in a community location once a week, usually the day of our lab. The 3rd semester (the one that I'm finishing up now) hasn't been as bad. We had classes Mondays and Tuesdays, Community clinical Wednesdays, hospital clinical Thursdays, and actually had a day off Friday! And the 3rd semester your only community activity is helping with the Flumist vaccination program in Alachua County, and that's pretty much over by early November. For next semester, the first half is three days of class per week and two 8 hour clinical days. and the second half of the semester is just "transition to professional practice" where we get assigned a preceptor and have 7 weeks to complete 225 hours with them.
    Hey GatorNurse2013!That's refreshing to hear. Thanks for the info. UF is my definite first choice for Nursing and hope to earn a chance to make a difference in this world. I would love to experience the vast clinical settings offered while proudly representing the Gator Nation. I can't wait for July! Go Gators!Vanessa Z
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    You seriously have just peaked my interest even more! I can't wait! Any advice for us? The application is out and the essay is quite different from last year! How do you feel about it?
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    What's the new topic??
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    I will be relocating to Tally soon I will be applying to UF also FAMU and UNF to be on the safe side. I heard Sante fe is a good school. I graduated from SPC with my AA one of my instructors teaching there also work at Sant Fe College. I really dont wanna apply at AS degree school I work in a Hospital now and they are not accepting AS degree nursing so BA is the way to go. Good Luck!!!
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    Finally figured the password situation for this website but hey guys!!! I'm also applying to UF fall 2013 bsn program I'm just waiting on final fall transcripts to be mailed out which will be this Friday so UF can give me a admission decision.
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    Welcome! I just applied to UF as a transfer and just waiting for that acceptance. It's kinda late so I'm going to apply to the con later this week. Are you guys excited???
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    See that's the one thing I kinda hate about admissions like let me know if I got in or not so I don't have to waste my time filling out the nursing application. Plus UF doesn't let you know if they get your transcript or anything you have to call them to make sure it arrives and even then they can't let you know why the process is taking forever.
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    Yeah but that's why I'm applying all over. Don't wanna put all my eggs in one basket

    Has anyone checked out the baby gator program? I'm going to need some daycare for my daughter during nursing school.
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    True I did the same thing I think the waiting is just getting to me a little hopefully we'll here something back by the end of January since admissions is going to be on break soon for the holiday

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