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    How long does it take to get an admission decision from uf for transfer students?

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    I contacted Kenneth Foote, he's the coordinator to admissions and registration. He mentioned we should expect a decision around early June. We're in for a long, but worthy, wait!
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    Well I know that's when we find out for admission to the con. But I meant to uf itself? Or is that at the same time?
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    Good luck everyone! Just know that UF does give priority to already UF students! They accept those at UF applying for the nursing program and if there are any extra spots, which is rare, then they consider transfer students. Not saying it is impossible, but just make sure you have a back up plan
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    Yeah I'm trying to figure out my back ups. My big issue atm is my lease for my apartment expiring before they give us admission decisions. My fiancée says I should consider Santa fe if UF denies me. Do you know if they have a good program? A family member says it is but she's going for another program there.
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    I haven't heard of Sante Fe before, so I am not sure. One way you could find out about the program and ensure that it's decent is check into their accreditation and pass rate on the NCLEX both overall and only having to take the test once! Also, what kind of clinical opportunities do they offer? Typically smaller schools aren't able to provide as diverse clinical experiences because contracts are given to large universities, like UF.
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    Hey I moved to this thread! I'm not a UF student, I would be transferring from Miami Dade Honors College. UF nursing is my dream school too! I've applied to UF, but haven't applied to the nursing school yet. I'm planning to in the next week or two. I have at least four backups too because I'm not so sure I'll get in...
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    I havent applied yet either. I'm waiting for my AA to post on my transcript before i do. I'm also applying to UCF as a back up and probably a couple of other schools too. It seems like a lot of people want to be nurses!
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    It's one of those careers with a lot of options! I wish you the best in your transfer applications. It can be pretty stressful. Hopefully we'll both be accepted to UF! But backups can't hurt, of course
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    Do you know which specialty you want to go into? And did you want to earn beyond a bachelors?

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