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I am a pre-nursing student attending UCF Orlando Campus. I am applying this summer to Cocoa Beach and Daytona Campuses to start Spring 2013! Eeek! I know there have been other forums regarding... Read More

  1. by   kikila
    im so nervous!! we are so close yet so far to the end!!! ahhh lol
  2. by   laurenmalauren
    Hey you guys I just had a thought, for those that applied to both campuses did your emails tell you which campus you got an interview for? Or will we be interviewing for all those we applied for at the same time and just find out later (if we were to get in) which campus we would be going to?
  3. by   lmrossitto
    I put both on my application.
  4. by   lmrossitto
    The interviews are combined for both campuses (72 seats total, 36 each campus). You will be eligible for whichever campus you selected. If you selected one campus only, you will only be considered for that campus (I believe). If you selected both you will be considered for both, which is more beneficial because if they decide they don't want you at cocoa, you are still considered/eligible for Daytona & vice versa. The emails did not specify which campus because they will not decide until after interviews.
  5. by   ybbawilliams
    So I called today and asked about the last step of the finger prints being incomplete. She said not to worry about it and everyone's says that.
  6. by   ArrowRN
    I believe the fingerprints part is similar to what my job does. They are checking for predators..a.k.a Jessica Lunsford Act, making sure we can work with kids, this is required for persons who may work with kids like schools, hospitals etc...it is different from a background check and usually takes a few weeks to get results. I'm sure its nothing to worry about.
  7. by   chavon13
    Four more days! Anybody getting nervous yet?
  8. by   rd1186
    I am, just a little bit, but I'm more excited to have the whole process finished with and know whether or not I'm in. I can't wait until Tuesday afternoon (I have a morning interview), but I know the wait for the next round of emails, after the interviews, is going to kill me!
  9. by   Bigfun71
    Hey guys and gals, I ve been lurking here at this thread, as I'm going for the interviews on Tuesday as well. I'm al little older in age, but not in spirit (I"m a 40 year old male student), my scheduled interview is for 12:30, anyone else here at that time? I'm put onlt Cocoa on my app since I live in Merritt Island, I think that was a mistake in hindsight. I had AA from BCC Cocoa with a 3.89 GPA, same for science prer reqs, and an 84 on my TEAS. I'm just hoping thats good enough; I don't have a backup plan as of yet except I'm currntly taking classes towards my minor Health Admin here at UCF (online) while waitng for the BSN opprotunity. If anyone needs any info on the Cocoa area let me know. I look forward to meeting all of you future nurses in Orlando on Tues. C-ya soon
  10. by   Bigfun71
    I plan on wearing office dress shirt, slacks, and a tie, does anyone think I will need to wear a jacket as well? I don't have one, so I would have to go out and buy something if needed. And just trying the outfit on was, "hot as hell" and I'm gonna be a nervous twit anyways lol. I'm used to flip-flops ,shorts and a t-shirt.
  11. by   That Girl
    I think a shirt and tie will be just fine...
  12. by   That Girl
    Yes...the waiting is starting to get to me too. Ugh
  13. by   rd1186
    I plan on just wearing a shirt and tie as well. I feel that wearing a full suit is just a bit too much for an interview and if you look at a lot of websites they'll tell you business casual is what you should wear for interviews. A shirt and tie is just a step up from business casual so I think it'll be fine. I just don't want to look uncomfortable either since I'm also used to shorts and flip-flops.