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I am a pre-nursing student attending UCF Orlando Campus. I am applying this summer to Cocoa Beach and Daytona Campuses to start Spring 2013! Eeek! I know there have been other forums regarding... Read More

  1. by   crystalcship
    Yes, I applied to Daytona only and also received my email at 5:45pm. That 45 min wait was killer though! I hope the rest of you get yours soon!!! My last name starts with B so I don't think it was Alphabetical, but who knows.
  2. by   kikila
    But if u were denied they are supposed to get an email too.. I dont understand...how many people are still waiting????
  3. by   K.rochelle
    Okay, good.
  4. by   lmrossitto
    Still waiting... They send you an email either way... trust me
  5. by   ArrowRN
    Quote from bermuda74

    you might have been denied if it says that your prereqs weren't met in your degree audit.
    I got Red X's next to the prereqs sections, but I already have all my prereqs, I already completed ALL those courses listed and had them on my application and they got my transcripts.I'm emailing them to find out what is going on. It might be nothing at all.
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  6. by   lmrossitto

    What were your stats (TEAS, GPA)?
  7. by   K.rochelle
    My cumulative GPA was 3.45 and my teas score was a 85.3%.
  8. by   lmrossitto
  9. by   K.rochelle
    I don't know my exact pre-req. gpa though.
  10. by   K.rochelle
    Thanks! what about yours?
  11. by   cnicole6
    I still haven't heard anything yet :/
  12. by   lmrossitto
    Well, I think there is no rhyme or reason as to how the emails were sent out. What I do know is that everyone gets an email whether you are "provisionally accepted" or "denied" and that if you don't meet the requirements or forgot to submit something such as TEAS score, they email you about that too. I am probably going to sign-off for a while as I have a ton of homework to do. I took 19 credit hours this semester just to graduate in December just in case I got into a program for Spring... Keep your heads up everyone! Sounds like everyone who is still waiting has competitive stats! I'll check back later.

  13. by   lmrossitto

    3.39 cum GPA, 84.7 TEAS forgot pre-req GPAs its been so long