UCF Cocoa Beach/Daytona Spring 2013 - page 12

I am a prenursing student attending UCF Orlando Campus. I am applying this summer to Cocoa Beach and Daytona Campuses to start Spring 2013! Eeek! I know there have been other forums regarding previous admissions to the program... Read More

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    I put both as well but preferred cocoa since i live here

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    Perhaps everyone who got emails thusfar are intended for Cocoa Campus....maybe we are waiting because we are intended for Daytona...? I hope so
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    i did the same
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    i hope so too!!! im like freaking out
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    I chose both but i put a preference for cocoa. I live 25 minutes from there. Someone got an email for an interview with the exact same teas score as me only my gpa is much higher. I think i will be fine but i'm still freaking out :/
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    same here... except im seeing people got interviews with everything lower than mine... maybe we got disqualified somehow?
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    STILL NOTHING... My theory: They send the emails at/after 5 on fridays because they will be gone all weekend and they won't get flooded with calls, not immediately anyway. Just sucks for us if we don't get our emails this weekend we have to wait till monday before anybody can do anything about it :-(
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    I know! I don't think they disqualify anyone, plus they are supposed to tell you if you missed/forgot something on your application...we'll see
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    I applied solely for Daytona...no email yet But myucf has something different in the degree audit.
    Can someone tell me what does their degree audit show? My finally came up on myucf with the nurse pending in there and I click the result tab, it was never there before, but now its saying my prerequsites not satisfied with a big red X is anyone who applied have this?
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    I havent gotten anything either so do u think we find out monday? or do your think they are still sending emails?

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