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UCF- Accelerated BSN Starting Summer 2012

  1. 0 Anyone applying for UCF's accelerated BSN program beginning in Summer 2012?
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    I am applying. I have been anxiously waiting for November 1st to submit my application. I am on Valencia's waitlist to start August 2012 (I applied in December 2010) I would love to attend UCF to receive my BSN in less time
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    I'm so glad to get a reply. I actually didn't even know when they started accepting applications. Do you know the deadline?
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    The deadline to apply is Jan 15th. Have you applied to any other programs?
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    I haven't applied to any programs at all. I won't even have Statistics completed until the end of Spring which tells me that this program is probably not an option for me. Major bummer since I was looking forward to moving on from my job this Summer.
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    Have you received the application for UCF accelerated program yet?? I requested the application 2 weeks ago but haven't received it yet. I'm not sure if there is an online application or they suppose to send you the application thru mail. Thanks in advance
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    I requested an application yesterday and they sent me the link to the online app today. However I am still waiting to be accepted to UCF. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive a response after they receive your app and transcripts? It's been 3-4 weeks now.

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    I am also applying to UCF for summer 2012! I believe they process your undergrad UCF app as soon as you submit your nursing app! Good luck everyone!
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    Once you request the application, a link and password is sent to complete the process online. Make sure you type your email address correctly
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    Hi everyone! I just wanted to jump in and say hello. I am also in the process of applying for the accelerated program. I have received the link to apply, but am waiting on acceptance to UCF (and I also need to take the TEAS sometime, hopefully this week! Just trying to cram in as much last minute studying as I can!)

    One question though- the instructions for the nursing school app say that you must run a UCF degree audit prior to finishing the application. I can't do that since I haven't been accepted by UCF yet.... any ideas or suggestions?

    I'm thinking of attending the next info session (Dec 13 I think?) just to get my last minute application questions answered.

    Good luck to us all!
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    I am also applying to the ABSN and am having the same problem as you are with the degree audit. Since you suggested that you were going to the info session, will you share what you found out? Thanks!
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    Yes, went to the info session and they told me that the degree audit would not be able to be viewed until well after the application deadline. So, the advisor told me to go ahead and apply and just put in a GPA (I put in my undergrad culm GPA, which obviously didn't include my prereq classes since I just took them). Once they are able to view the degree audit, then they will manually adjust my application to include the proper GPA.

    Hope this helps! The deadline is so soon, I want March to hurry up and get here so I can hear if I'm in or not!
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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I have done that already so I am glad that you confirmed that I did the proper thing. What was your bachelors in and what does your GPA and TEAS scores look like?