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Hello everyone. I'm new to allnurses.com and I just wanted to say congrats to those who got into the 2012 UCF nursing program this summer. I am a prenursing student at UCF as I am still working on a few prerequisites before I... Read More

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    My email from the 7th is stamped 3pm.

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    LOL! Look how fast a new comment is answered. We are all just lurking on here aren't we?
    I like you people already- you all are on top of things!
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    Hahaha ! This year waiting really sucks to the max huh ? Not only do we wait for just an invite for weeks, but also to hear
    Back about a final decision after interviews. It's double the pain ! Thanks for your responses guys I'm excited for you all! I know I will be
    Balling my eyes out if I get accepted
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    They will know we have strong hearts if we survive days of high blood pressure and pulse like this. Come on!!!!
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    That's true- maybe a spot will open up because someone just keeled over. (I'm just kidding, I'm not that mean...)
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    Ugh it's 3:01 if u r not clock watching!
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    Quote from akwildone
    Ugh it's 3:01 if u r not clock watching!
    I know
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    It's 3:04 and still nail biting
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    Darn it. Spent the last hour in a dentist chair itching to check my phone and NOTHING YET?

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    I just got an email...unfortunately its for viagra
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